Read Plz. Replays in Autosave doesn't save

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there is some Replays not saving in Autosave folder

So i found reason of it, it’s because the letter |

if this | letter is in the maps title(can edit with scmdraft)'s first

example : |iccup| fighting spirits

the game’s replay will not save to autosave folder

SO it’s bug

P.S i think i need to correct something
the problem is not title’s first character |

If the character | is just exists, an error occurs

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Interesting let me test that.

I tested that but it looks like it is ok no problem.

i also didn’t save some replay

i think you didn’t test ladder fs map(|iccup|)
it doesn’t save replays on autosave

I can confirm. Doesn’t save FS games for me either. Also, my last autoreplay is from may… Blizzard just erased a months worth of games for me. Seriously, it is outrageous, the job that they do. These are valuable things, replays, you know… You treat us like… I don’t even know. I’m angry. And they haven’t even offered an apology for all the damage they continue to do. Fix the *** bugs you introduce, or roll back until the game doesn’t keep destroying the things the players work hard for.

There is one way to save replays

It is a backup of Lastreplay.rep file which in replays folder everytime you play an FS game

and i agree too

Does not work. My lastreplay.rep is from May.

edit: Actually, I’ll have to check on bootcamp as well, since I was checking from mac os. Nonetheless, game is unviewable from the Starcaft profile / history page.

This is a huge issue. Not sure if there is any official acknowledgment of this?


Ah, nice. Thank you!

Have you guys looked into the issue with older replays not playing back correctly yet?

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