Protoss Aribiter Recall Bug

Hey whats up Broodwar Team. First I want to take the time to thank you guys for your hardwork. The game looks completely different than when remastered first came out.

I’m well aware that the Broodwar Team will not interfere with any balance changes, but in this case it seems to be a very noticeable and game-changing bug.

I have two different replays where my Arbiter intiates a Recall in Open Ground but somehow gets nothing in return. Both replays happen in between the 15 to 16 minute gametime.

I can attach the replays at request, however I don’t see an option to do so here. My blizzard account is SpeciaLisT#1974

PS: Chat log bug where if someone types resets the Scroll Bar to the top of the Chat log.(Unrelated)

Thanks for you guys taking the time to read. Hope ya’ll are safe from COVID-19.