Problems with A.I. Scripts

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any similar problems with the Starcraft 1 AIs. If so, did any of you find any solutions?

So the triggers I have for the Volcanis map (I’m editing every map and I play them alongside my brother against different amounts of computer players) are that there are 3 fully upgraded, fully established Difficult Zerg bases. Also, there are 3 fully upgraded Protoss, 1 has a fully established base which is a Difficult AI. The other two are the ones I am having a huge problem with. They are the Expansion Protoss Campaign Insane and the Expansion Protoss Custom Level. For whatever reason they are doing absolutely nothing when I do not start them with any Probes. When I do start them with Probes they still continue to barely do anything. Can anyone provide some tips to as what might be going on? Do certain maps just come with bugs and glitches attached to them somehow? Thanks!

I’ve had a similar problem. Not sure what the solution might be. Wish I could help more. :confused:

Usually AIs halt when they hit a requirement that cannot be fulfilled. If you can share the map maybe I can provide you a hand with it.

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Usually you have to just try out, but normally you just want to use the best ai version possible. I guess it would be the Expansion Protoss Custom. But it some years that i tried that stuff out. Usually you want them to just have a lot of money, because the Ai is stupid and have their supply max as well as all their production buidlings. If you want them to play more like human and buildign up their stuff it gets more tricky.

An other important is to have them in the right team and have right triggers for the objectives and stuff. An other great way to have them attack certain spots on the map to ensure them to actually send their units to attack you.
You also need to be careful with ressources sometimes they dont mine them or in a weird way because whatever. Best is to make the map easy for the Ai to walk around , maybe it is also viable to not let them build certain units since the Ai loves to build wrong stuff.
Either way Giving a lot of money and the production capacity from the star + the supply ensures at least some activity from them. Problem being you dont want to get overrun so you need maybe some kind of blockade in the mpa like burning CC or Hallucination, that leave after a time. Or have a trigger on the map like location that you activate while playing that changes their alliance status. Or some kind white peace for the first minutes, dont remember if there was a mode for that in starcraft like we have sudden death,etc.

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