Port forwarding issues

I have been trying to play SC1 remaster and this message is shown: Due to your network configuration, your connection to other players must be routed via proxy server, which may add latency.

I have done this:

  1. Created a rule in windows firewall for incoming and outgoing traffic: TCP, port 6112. One rule for each.

  2. In my router I have the following:
    Source zone: WAN
    Destination zone: LAN
    Dst. IP adress: (My IP adress)
    Protocol: TCP
    Source ports: 6112
    Destination ports: 6112
    NAT loopback: Yes

I still get the error message as shown above. Anyone have some suggestion what I can do to fix this?

  1. Use TCPView to check if another app is using the same port.
  2. SC:R Options - Network: Try enabling ‘Prefer port 6112’.
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