PLZ no more butter

Can understand FS, Polypoid and Eclipse for noobs

Butter is not used for a while by both streamers and pro-gamers now

put eclipse or invader instead plz…

I dont want to worry about metaverse again


Highly unlikely bro especially how works is the same as they cope. The moment they show another map in this pool is the day the valkyries’ attack unfroze. Then again who knows? Insert question mark so they know which ignition to spark 9 PM sharp like it’s dark but boy does the Terran Wraith avoid every burst laser in the Void.

Got my heads in the cloud like I knew what’s up ahead in this bed of lies. They woke this kid up just to find out he was born in 1992 like what? Fuel for a fossil makes me combust through the nostrils. One Tree Hill is a lot more pleasant than Silent Hill. Then again Jack and Jill went up that hill before the aliens attacked Jill and tore her hamstrings before jacking the windmill. Like homie there is a diplomatic button above the mini map but I had my screen upwards.

Butter provides you with those nasty animals fetts your body doesnt really need as such Butter should be left out of your daily breakfasts unless it is on some good old Bretzel…