Patch Notes

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

New patch has arrived today!

Map Pool Update

  • (2) Benzene 1.1
  • (2) Eclipse 1.2
  • (3) Plasma 1.0
  • (4) Optimizer 1.0
  • (4) Polypoid 1.65
  • (4) Ringing Bloom SE 2.0
  • (4) Shakuras Temple 1.1

What is the update on Team Match Making and BWAPI please, we need the info, please provide the Information or at least update us on who is “working” on SC REMASTERED.


So to simplify the post:

You’re using a newer version of Polypoid.

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Thanks for the patch. i would like to see a new map pool also on SC2!! and also a bug fix that everyone below 5k mmr is in BRONZE LEAGUE IN EUROPE SERVER!!


Does anyone knows what does it change for Polypoid?

All critters are now Hallucinations.

Oddly enough, only 1 bird isn’t. lol

StarCraft is not dead I guess… lots of patches and work on the game being done


Polypoid v1.6 —> v1.65

  • Changed all mineral batch of starting point. (Same as Fighting Spirit map)
  • Changed neutral animal Ursadon to Hallucination. (Delete elements that interfere with Player)

Source: 910map tistory (ASL official map blog)

One intern in a broom closet; dev is dead. Don’t hold your breath for these, blizz is never going to deliver.


I appreciate that they are keeping the game up to date. I am curious if Campaign editor is ever coming back? I appreciated that Blizzard back in the early days let us design and edit game modes for our community. Blizz, maybe we need a regulated version of map updates if they are being uploaded to Multiplayer? May be a dream state idea, but just want to toss that out there! :smile:

Question: I’ve seen some videos of a terran campaign where Duke, Raynor and Tassadar fight against the zerg! Where can I doenload this campaign/mission/map? Also is it possible to get other campaigns like Enslaver 2?

It’s hidden mission: Biting the Bullet.

I wouldn’t say that it’s dead, but I wouldn’t say it’s alive/growing either…

I’ve been gone for three years, and literally nothing has changed. It’s basically exactly as I left it.

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Check this out. This may be of use for you

Its not blizz that is making these map updates its being done by users.
You can dl scmdraft 2 and start making your own maps.

Thanks for all of your hard work classic SC team! luv you all

There is no classic SC team.

I can’t get ANY of my friends or acquaintances to play Starcraft or RTS games in general :confused:

Hi! Did you know I’m zeroing out the special starcraft?