Patch 1.23.5 Notes

We’ve just released Hotfix Patch 1.23.5 which includes the following change:

  • Increased soft support for older Intel drivers

keep up the good work devs.

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has there been any progress on hotfix we may get to fix the stale/old games on the lists? the amount of stale games on there now is in the dozens. There are so many, and they have been there for so long, that it actually take significant effort to find a real game.

also, there was always a timestamp on games (years and years ago), and that went away with remastered. Can/will that ever come back? even if it isn’t a timestamp of when the game was created (everyone has different timezones), maybe it can say how long that game has been listed for?

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Still no support for Mac. Game continues to crash since the 1.23.5 patch has been released. The computer will freeze and require a hard shut down. Please fix.

8-6-2020 at 11:11 AM - PDT

Depends on the Mac, I guess.

Still NO Issues on my Hackintosh, all working as it should.

Profile: iMac 18,3 - 5K Retina 27" - Mid 2017
High Sierra 10.13.6, (17G14019) w/ NVIDIA Web Driver 387.

i7 7700K @ 4.2GHz
32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, (4x8GB Sticks), CL14 - 2400MHz RAM
Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3 MOBO
Samsung 860 Pro VNAND-SATA 1TB SSD - MacOS, APFS
Samsung 860 Pro VNAND-SATA 1TB SSD - Win 7 Pro x64, NVIDIA Driver 388.13 - (WHQL)
Western Digital Black SATA 2TB Drive - (HFS+) 1 Partition, 1TB for Time Machine; 1 Partition, 1TB for Blizzard Games

ASUS VE278 - 27" 1080p Monitor - HDMI to PNY NVIDIA GTX-970 4GB Card, Mac Flashed
[EDIT:] Integrated Intel HD-630 DISABLED in BIOS. - NO HEVC

Again, all working well here.


I have reported here twice. Still completely unplayable on 2018 iMac running 10.13.6 High Sierra.

3.8 GHZ Intel Core i5
8 GB 2400 MHZ DDR4
Radeon Pro 580 8192MB

I recently payed for remastered version and haven’t been able to play since purchasing, I honestly want my money back at this point.


We’ve just released a maintenance patch ( that includes a substantial in-game performance/FPS improvement for some older systems.



Thanks! Not sure if this takes care of some of the other errors that started popping up recently, when joining a friends game it says <Invalid Password or

Thanks so much for your hard work everyone! I notice the smoothness. Excellent work!

Now imagine if people were nice about it, possibly give the programmers a reason to want to keep coding the game lol

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Still seeing terrain flickering sadly :frowning:

Could you please reach out to with your system info (Obtaining System Files - Blizzard Support) so that we can try to recreate the problem you’re experiencing?

Sent an email, thanks for your help and all your hard work guys <3


do you mind if i send you an e-mail about the blurry graphics problem as well?

Perhaps whatever that causes the flickering issue might have something to do with blurry HD graphics.

upgrade from the broken included radeon driver to the current one served by AMD.

is ladder down? cant find games atm!
any news about 2019 priorities ? teamladder in 2020 ?

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The issue here is that no one asked for Remastered in the first place. SC:BW 1.16.1 was perfect. Hell, the Korean scene thrived on it for years until SaviOr and blizzard suing KeSPA in order to push SC2 down everyone’s throats killed it. Since blizzard got involved, they’ve caused repeated problems with the game and to date, we can’t play. The didn’t have to force the update on everyone. They could’ve done what AoE did and sell HD as a separate version for people who actually cared for updated graphics. The only thing I want from the programmers is to bring back 1.16.1.


“Fixed an issue with replays involving AI participants, however, replays from July 9th, 2019 - April 7th with AI participants, 2020 may not playback correctly.”

I was having this issue for a while now. I had this issue, yesterday. It clearly isn’t fixed.

I have the same problem. Uninstalled SCII and reinstalled didn’t help. The most recent Apple software update didn’t help either. Its been DAYS…