Patch 1.23.5 Notes

Can you guys do something about this already?.. It’s been like a month already and nothing has changed. Sheesh

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Stale games are gone now.
But now games are phasing in and out of existence (gray then not gray), regardless of their actual status.
This was also a bug, from a few patches ago.

07/27/2020 and still unable to launch SCR on Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X eight-core processor (all updates), DELL Inspiron 5676. I’ve tried ALL of the suggested trouble shooting. Patiently waiting to be able to play. Pls address this. SCII plays but I like SCR better.

Stale games are back

I use a PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and the game won’t launch. AMD has a bug report tool that I suggest everyone with an AMD processor utilizes. Hopefully if Blizzard can’t figure it out then maybe AMD can. Note: The game plays on my laptop which has an intel processor. Personally I can’t stand playing games on a laptop. The game just will not launch on my PC.

Update 7/29/2020

We’ve just released Hotfix Patch which addresses the following:

  • Fixed a crash occurring while watching the cinematics on certain graphics cards.

  • Added graphics driver detection that prompts the player when they need to be updated. Note** For the best SCR experience, we highly encourage all players to make sure they are running the latest graphics drivers. For additional information please visit:

  • Fixed an issue with replays involving AI participants, however, replays from July 9th, 2019 - April 7th with AI participants, 2020 may not playback correctly.

Hi, After patch, my SC: BW Remastered crashes after 5 minutes, or if i join a game. The game exits with no error, and brings me back to desktop.

Do you need tech info on my device?

Yep, please send us an email at

How does that detection prompt work? Is there any particular command to run it?

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Forcing to update the graphics drivers is not a good feature.I updated mine following the steps on and I’m still getting the same error now though I’ve installed whatever was available on Intel … But now I can’t play at all or even open the game. I had no complaints with my experience on SCR but now with this mandatory update I do…


Same here. It says "The installed version of your graphics driver is old and will prevent Starcraft: Remastered from running properly…Visit for information on how to upgrade your graphics driver.”

I have been playing for the past few months without any issue. Playing the original version not remastered and it says that… What is wrong??


There is a thousands of players with the same problem. I think this stupids guys are trying to destroy this Game. I don’t understand blizzard anymore.


Pero que cagazo se mandaron gente de Blizzard, please fix the game or back to the lastest patch, common!

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Same here. I’ve been playing remastered without any problem until this patch. Please give us a solve.


no puedo jugar mi tarjeta de video es del 2012 y ya no le da soporte intel no puedo entrar puedo entrar pero sin driver de video al juego y sin driver no se puede jugar


los mismo me pasa para que sacan parches ? para mejorar o para empeorar ? el juego

que esta haciendo blizzard, i can’t play now, i have my rtx nvidia, the game doesn’t work now

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That feature of graphic detection is not letting me launch the game. “Graphics driver out of date” prompt.

I updated the BIOS. I checked for new drivers with the manufacturers, but it’s no longer offering support (yes, it’s too old, but I was playing yesterday no problem). In fact, the latest driver is offered by Microsoft, for compatibility with Windows 10, and I already had that one. There won’t be a new driver.

I already knew my laptop is old, duh! Just let me play!

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When will this be resolved? -_-

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“Added graphics driver detection that prompts the player when they need to be updated” Why, why, why and why??? Thanks for the lovely “Graphics driver out of date” message. Does that mean that Blizzard is dropping support for people with “old” graphics cards? - My GC drivers are in the latest versions which were released about 3 years ago.