Patch 1.23.4 Notes

I think the answer is no, even though they mentioned that team matchmaking is in the works I doubt it is coming, each year they say they’re working on it since 2017 and it still hasn’t been released. I think the only conclusion is that the remastered team doesn’t know how to implement it because they’re either inexperienced or overwhelmed with work. This has been so disappointing considering Warcraft 3 had a team matchmaking system in 2002 and sc2 had a great one, most of the bw community had high hopes for a system like these but blizzard failed to deliver


It would be nice if they said that themselves, they never seem to answer these kinds of questions

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They cannot give us an accurate answer. There are things that take a priority that they are working on, and they don’t know how long they are going to take.

In the past few days, about a fifth of my rep on the ladder have not been automatically saved, on Fighting spirits 4 times and Circuit Breakers 1 time. Please fix it.

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We’re aware of the issue and working on it now.