Patch 1.23.4 Notes

the comment that can not miss…

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There seems to be a new bug, i still got my old custom hotkeys put on and they appear when i go into hotkey menu, but … for some reason even when the host has custom hotkeys enabled and you go into the game you have automaticly put the orginal/default hotkeys… I already tested if use maps settings and top vs bottom… for both the same happened… Strangely i played one game at the ladder ->new season / maps and ladder doesnt seem affect by it … Not sure if iam the only person … Maybe somebody can tell if there are other affected people …

Ok, so :

It is saved in the Dokuments folder of your computer…
Also you need to play at least one game of ladder so it saves there…

Get the usual 6:3 error when trying to connect to the server… sigh…

There has to be something networking / graphically that was also changed, as every game I play now on ladder does NOT lag when fetching the TR / latency, before this patch it always did. Any explanation for this?

Ty ty ty, it solved an issue for me when i always started the game it said starcraft was not responding. Now it loads faster even. Also the brightness level on the desktop screen seems to be fixed now, only the game has it.

We’ve just released Maintenance Patch which fixes the following issues:

-Fixed an issue where the Season 7 maps were not present in the maps folder.
-Fixed an issue with map preview images failing to download
-Fixed an issue an issue where the matchmaking screen would sometimes not appear.
-Fix for Ladder map vetos


Is the new balance update included in this patch or is that still yet to come?

can’t install the patch.

keep getting the message to update after y press it.

Why has nothing been done about the fact that replays don’t work properly? The game has been updated so many times without this being fixed. This issue is being constantly ignored and it’s now been an issue for nearly a year. Not to mention that I’ve posted about this numerous times without any responses.



Also, please split the default chat channel into language specific channels.

You don’t need to split them into every country, like it was before. Just pool all the similar language countries into the same channel. Eg. Italy, Spain and Portugal into one channel. German and Dutch into another, Scandinavian languages into another, some Slavic languages into another, ex-Yugoslavian countries into another, etc.

Currently, if a new players joins, he is put into Brood War EN-x channel. He is robbed of the opportunity to interact with his/her countrymen, so the player retention is then lower. This is especially evident with players that don’t speak English, or speak it poorly.

We want new blood, but currently, we’re stuck with randomly encountering them in the ladder and recognizing them by their account names (if they don’t have a recognizable name, tough luck). Then we invite them to our channels and/or discord, but if we don’t encounter them, I bet they quit pretty soon.

Putting everyone into one channel was not a good decision, please help.

working since 2017, its done if its done but i think 2021 cause employees still F rank and need more experience to code xD

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Moin… Wie sieht es den aus mit einer 2on2 Ranked??Das wäre super (:sunny:

Any news regarding 2v2 matchmaking?? The staff literally selectively choose to ignore the requests on every single patch notes… why not give the community what they want and the reason why a lot of people bought SCR?

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So, just posting it again, since the previous post was deleted due to vulgarity: it is absolutely not acceptable to change seasons without a timeline, and a proper notice.

The new Blizzard management is doing a horrible job of things: we used to have the timeline on the iccup website, and you would also get server notifications of season restarts. That way, the competitive aspect of this community was respected, and whoever wanted to give ladder a last shove, could go for it.

I’m recently back to playing, and it is abhorring to see that the state of the game is still broken all over the place. Just an arbitrarily picked one: what is up with the “protoss has this-and-this winrate on this map” thing on the profile? I play Terran… And this has been in the game for three years…

Indeed! The similar thing: when you press 0 in game to check your opp’s stats it always gives you your server ([Europe] in my case). Does it make any sense? I want to know my opponent’s server obviously!

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this is global stats for the map, meaning protoss has the highest winrate overall (PvE) it would be nice if they put total statistics though

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We’ve just released Maintenance Patch which addresses the following issues:
-Fixed an issue with auto-replay names
-Fixed an issue where the Season History map previews


Matt,When will there be a 2v2 ladder,Can there be an answer ?


Hello Matt,
I would like to know if there will be 2vs2 Ladder in the near future