Patch 1.23.4 Notes

Nice, when this season ends?? Can we have these data posted with new season topic?? ^^

Sweet, just a ladder / map patch? Or was the changes on the PTR implemented? I assume not, when can we expect those?

Updates from the PTR will come soon. They are not in this patch.


Thanks Matt! I see the new season rolled out. I noticed that the Polypoid version looks like an older one. I think the current version for ASL10 is 1.32, I know that 1.22 was used in ASL9 (since the other one isn’t final yet, I think, 1.22 would probably be best for ladder).

Also myself and others don’t have a Season 7 maps folder for the new maps, if that could be added.


Polypoid version its outdated, actual version is 1.30 you can download it from here:

htt ps://


Thanks all –

We do indeed have an out of date Polypoid. We will work on updating this asap.


when are you going to put 2v2 matchmaking?


Ah glad to see the missing season 7 map folder has been brought up. Was hoping to check out the new maps before playing them on the ladder.

The new map pool feels fine, although I did have an issue with no match preview showing up - happened in 4 out of 5 placement games, and by the looks of Twitch it’s not just me. Does that only happen the first time you play a new map on ladder, or is it something else?

Bug Report about EUD

The override of Terran unit rank string is still broken.
Please help to fix this problem, thanks!

Matt Sherman

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map ban system not work

Thanks Blizz team. Whatever you did it seems my ladder is running much smoother, every game has been smooth thus far. Also, my map banning system isn’t working. I banned Circuit breakers and it was the first game I got lol. FYI

Amazing patch.

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map ban system not work+1
no match preview showing up+1

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I can’t find maps for the new season, they’re not in the ladder folder, so map ban system not work?

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+Sometimes pregame screen not showing (The one what shows races nick and mmr of the players)
+Map ban system not working at all


Can’t find the new maps folder too.

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the comment that can not miss…

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There seems to be a new bug, i still got my old custom hotkeys put on and they appear when i go into hotkey menu, but … for some reason even when the host has custom hotkeys enabled and you go into the game you have automaticly put the orginal/default hotkeys… I already tested if use maps settings and top vs bottom… for both the same happened… Strangely i played one game at the ladder ->new season / maps and ladder doesnt seem affect by it … Not sure if iam the only person … Maybe somebody can tell if there are other affected people …

Ok, so :

It is saved in the Dokuments folder of your computer…
Also you need to play at least one game of ladder so it saves there…

Get the usual 6:3 error when trying to connect to the server… sigh…