Patch 1.23.2 Notes


game doesn’t recognize new update. Re-installing now. we’ll see if that works.


Re-installing does not work.


Yeah, it just happened to me again, once it was fixed. I launched it up, and it was fixed, then I quit the game to tell what I did on here, and then it went back to being broken again. What happened dev team? I hate to be harsh, but did you guys even test this?

Because, if us customers can find serious problems within the first minute of booting up the game, then something is wrong.

Again, I don’t like being harsh, but it’s pretty frustrating, to have a day off, only for the game to not work at all. Hopefully, this can be Asap, or this will drive people away from the game.


#168 is higher than the version being asked for to play online,


so thats why its not being recognized… its two seperate patches

(Grant Davies) #170

To reiterate, it’s a server issue and the server team is working the problem. As far as we know it’s only impacting Americas region right now, which means if you log in to another region temporarily, you should be able to get in.


you are doing a great job for your first patch!


Starcraft requires to upgraded to, and i have already installed… wtf?


11-26-2019 at 3:59 PM - PST

Problem is FIXED now!!! :grinning:

Blue Post in Technical Support Forum. See here. IF anyone is still having trouble, keep reporting here.

It’s working fine for me now with .6926.



Yep, it’s fixed now. Enjoy some SC everyone!


My issue with replays isn’t fixed yet.


Players will sometimes not see everyone in the lobby even though the host always does, which causes them to drop when the game is started. It’d be amazing if this could be fixed since it’s one of the oldest game-breaking bugs.


Colour problem is not solved. Feature to be unavailable similar colours does not work. Random colours still come out to very similar colours players.

I am fastest-map-player, and usually play in 3-3 4-4 games, so the colour problem is very serious to me.

Adding new colours is good. I am agree with new clear colour such as: green, black, cyan, navy… But i am oppose to the colours which are similar to existing colour, such as: lime, aqua, gray, pink …


it’s all ok after update patch
Thanks a lot Grant Davies.


Hi Matt,

This connection issue (6:9 error) on CN server come back after 6926 patch, it’s really annoying, I have to try logining again and again, then maybe successful after 20 times.
Could you help to check and fix it again?



Starcraft works now on my MacOS 10.11 (version Thank you. Playing a quick solo Abatoir is a pasttime I enjoy.
Edit: Oops, not quite. Opened settings and the game froze. Playable, but bugs.


Consider investigating further observer desync. This happened on KSL4 finals yesterday on 3rd map (Artosis and Tasteless thought it was normal game and players were failing at multitasking until they realized strange behavior where game was going on but like a broken replay).


I met 6:9 connection error everyday after some updates.


Fix EUD bugs.
You have not fixed this bug for a long time.
This works, but some units have bugs.

Grpwire(mulsel wire) : 0x68C1FC

I hope the devs are listening too! I love this game. :no_mouth:


same. i cant log in. thanks blizzard! :smiley: