Patch 1.23.0 Notes


yes, seeing it with all maps. I have an ‘Intel Iris 1536MB’ but didn’t have this problem before. Is this an issue now with the new update? Thank you!

(Matt Sherman) #60

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released Maintenance patch which contains some additional stability improvements, as well as a change to re-allow ”[ ]” names.



7-11-2019 at 3:29 PM - PDT


The Iris/Iris Pro issues are still prevalent… No changes. Black screen Map still persists.

Please see Thread in Link I provided earlier. List of people starting to grow with this problem.

I know that Iris graphics have had on again and off again issues in the past. This one is quite new; however.

Thank you for the assistance.


(Grant Davies) #62

Could you try disabling real time lighting in the Options and see whether this resolves the issue for you?


Disabling real time lighting does resolve the issue with the Iris graphics. This raises an interesting point. Real time lighting should not be supported for the Iris GPU’s because of its limited RAM. Yet in Options that option was checked and enabled. It should be unchecked and disabled.

(Grant Davies) #64

Yes, it’s a bug in 1.23 that we’ll be fixing soon.


7-11-2019 at 7:10 PM - PDT


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for that tidbit! I would NOT have thought to have Mendax check his Real Time Lighting Setting.

I know this was a HUGE issue in the past, and that you all worked feverishly to bust through the 2.2GB VRAM Barrier down to 2GB for Discrete Video Cards. Integrated Cards, (EVEN WITH 2GB RAM), STILL weren’t able to Enable the Real Time Lighting BECAUSE they were Integrated and SHARED System RAM.

I’m glad to see that this bug will once again be blocked out and that Cards WITHOUT 2GB Dedicated VRAM will NOT have Real Time Lighting Enabled anymore.

Thanks again.



Wow, the most greatness patch has hit SCBWR!

Here what highlighted my view in the patch.

Likes and Dislikes.

Likes: "SCR is now 64-bit compatible. " +
“Cartooned SC WOOT!” +
“Giving Scmdraft a more chance to be used.”

Dislikes. That they removed StarEdit from this and didn’t add Scmdraft to

As far I know, StarCraft BW Fans will be happy if you added ScmDraft to make life little easier! But I do recommend ScmDraft over StarEdit!
Neat! “Input update from PTR - Keyboard commands will now work when the mouse is held down.”



After updating the patch, I enter Remastered StarCraft and the games are slow but it is not the internet connection if not the HD option, if I deactivate the game flows fast.

Can you please tell me if this is a problem with the HD option or has the technical specifications of the game changed?

It should be noted that before this patch everything worked OK


so tired of these enormous updates. i already bought the damn thing. the main game download took me 2 days. i never play it online but cant run it without the all them uPdAtEs that make no difference whatsoever to the general in-game feeling. :nauseated_face:


Matt, what you think 'bout making '98 graphics widescreen? I 'member liek yesterday there were simple 3MB 3rd party programs, like ResolutionHacker which allowed this no problemo. For a billionare company this should be a cakewalk.


Yea, you think Blizzard can release half-assed software to the public? rofl


I think considering ocasionally issues with resolutions (that SC:RM chooses highest resolution, not even sometimes that is monitor supported, which i had issues resolved only by using Custom Resolution Utility to make it work in a fullscreen mode) it would be simplier to make a video setting where you can choose resolution/hz, and maybe some other tweeks, so that it also make a way to be possible to bring back not upscaled old graphic also…

(which i guess still have to be upscaled, but still somehow bw 1.16.1 looks better on 1080p than sc 1.23 free)… Sure 99% of the time we use Remaster now, but it would be really nice to have valuable 98’ original graphic to tangle, cuz otherwise F5 is useless right now cuz its unplayable really…

Also, replays, why this bottom window is so stretch, its not nessesary, while obs mode have it in a right size, althogh without unit portraits somehow as new feature… even tho these days there are not a lot of replays around, it would be cool to have features like in a SC2 replay mode where u can follow observer view and etc, just in theory.

“After updating the patch, I enter Remastered StarCraft and the games are slow but it is not the internet connection if not the HD option, if I deactivate the game flows fast.”

Best setting to play is to turn Vsync off in game, and in graphic card settings (nvidia for example) turn vsync either off or, if supported by GPU as GTX series use Fast Sync, (since they make sc:rm x64 it may have different .exe file, so for individual application setting check it out), FPS lock 250-300. Vsync really makes Remastered slow and even stutter, althogh in SC2 it works kinda OK and playable i would say,


Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced all replays saved prior to 1.23 having human players essentially stop doing anything after a few minutes into the game? I’ve seen this happen before to random replays saved in older SC versions, but as of this patch it seems ALL older replays are affected. There’s a Liquipedia article that basically describes the behavior but the site is not letting me post links.


Funny, because they did it 2 years ago


Remastered did it already in the portrait


Completely agree with that


Disable pillar box in options for widescreen or stretched or whatever. I always use the black boxes asthe image is supoosed to be square.

(Mickaël Bohin) #78

Good day everyone,

We have just released Maintenance patch You know the drill, it contains more stability improvements, as well as a fix for the accidental enabling of real-time lighting on machines that can not support it. (Responsible for the black screens on Mac Intel cards)



7-18-2019 at 3:41 PM - PDT


On behalf of Mendax and the other Iris/Iris Pro Graphics’ Card Users I thank you. As I stated in the Mac Forum Thread, this issue does NOT effect me as I’m on a High End Hackintosh with Discrete Graphics.

I was mainly trying to assist Mendax as he’s a close personal friend.