Patch 1.23.0 Notes

(Matt Sherman) #41

Hi Aginor,

There was an issue with EU, and we’ve pushed out a fix. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing a problem with the Season roll.


thx! I’ll try it out now! :

Yepp it works! ty! <3


This is a serious problem. Scmdraft can’t open because it can’t locate the stardat.mpq file. i searched my whole computer and couldn’t find it anywhere. What is going on here? Anyone else having this problem?


See this post: 1.23 ScmDraft update

(Matt Sherman) #45

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released Maintenance patch which contains the following fixes:

  1. Fix for a crash that can occur when using Siege Tanks in Cartooned.
  2. Fix for Spanish locale
  3. Mining bug in the the Ladder map Tres Pass
  4. Lurker selection circle being offset in HD

Over the coming days, we will continue to focus on stability as priority.



Bring back [],.;’-) in name creation please. it is impossible to create clan tags now.


Power Bond has a neutral CC in the middle! It’s return to Holy World time boys!
It’s on a hill though, so zerg can’t use just lings+queen to grab it, needing something ranged or air.
While infested terrans aren’t a big deal in most matchups, ZvP they’re quite strong. They clear out/zone whole waves of zealots, while being difficult to snipe with dragoons. I’m curious to see whether we see them used as more than a meme at the pro level with this map. Otherwise though the map looks difficult for zerg to get a defendable 3rd that isn’t the empty nat. We’ll probably see a lot of 2-base and larva style 4-base turtle on this map.

Tres Pass is interesting with the lines of LoS blockers along the tops of cliffs. It looks like it’s primarily to limit the strength of siege tanks shelling from the main at the back path/bridges. As a zerg I can see this map being quite nice, with good 3rd-5th expansions, ability to flank, ridges for lurkers, and easily dropped/muta harassed mains/naturals. The corner expansions behind the bases are interesting to me. About the same distance by ground from each natural expansion, along with how the map is split, they could end up regularly going to the opposite side player.

Blockchain we’ve seen already a bunch in pro play, but it’ll be fun to play around with various strats surrounding the egg/assimilator gates around the edge.


I’m also seeing a completely black map (and no units are visible at all) after the latest updates on my macbook pro 2014 with 10.14.5 mojave OS

(Matt Sherman) #52

Hey Purity,

Are you seeing this on all maps? What GPU do you have in your Mac?




I think me and a lot of other players would very much appreciate an option to adjust the drag scroll speed. That is, the speed at which the screen moves when the middle mouse button is held down. This is usually an adjustable option in just about every single RTS/MOBA. As of right now it is stuck at a single speed. Let me know what you think, and please pass word along to the development team.


quick question. seems after the patch now VSync in always on no matter the settings, can you fix plz, its stuttering.

edit. sorry sc x64 uses different .exe. my fault all is fine now )


The latest patch messed up the toggling with normal/remaster/cartoon;
Before you could toggle classic/remaster by pressing F5, and you’d have to hit options>show bonus skins to turn on cartooned. This meant you were able to toggle all 3 in-game

But now after the latest patch, you have to choose if F5 toggles between classic/remaster, or you have to go all the way to your profile to equip the cartooned skin and make F5 toggle between classic/remaster, you are no longer able to switch between all 3 (classic/remaster/cartooned) in-game.

Can you please fix this? ideally F5 being able to cycle between classic,remaster, then cartooned. If not then I suggest going back to the previous, with F5 toggling between classic/remaster, and options>bonus skins toggling cartooned


7-11-2019 at 2:50 AM - PDT


Can you or another Blue look into the Post from Mendax up a few Posts.

He Posted here in this Thread and in Mac User Forum here:

We believe his issue is with the Iris Pro Graphics built into his iMac. Since the Tuesday 1.23.0 Update he’s had issues with the large Map in game. The Update to the Update yesterday DID NOT help any, either.




The carbot skin makes a graphical distinction between lurker eggs and larva eggs


yes, seeing it with all maps. I have an ‘Intel Iris 1536MB’ but didn’t have this problem before. Is this an issue now with the new update? Thank you!

(Matt Sherman) #60

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released Maintenance patch which contains some additional stability improvements, as well as a change to re-allow ”[ ]” names.



7-11-2019 at 3:29 PM - PDT


The Iris/Iris Pro issues are still prevalent… No changes. Black screen Map still persists.

Please see Thread in Link I provided earlier. List of people starting to grow with this problem.

I know that Iris graphics have had on again and off again issues in the past. This one is quite new; however.

Thank you for the assistance.


(Grant Davies) #62

Could you try disabling real time lighting in the Options and see whether this resolves the issue for you?


Disabling real time lighting does resolve the issue with the Iris graphics. This raises an interesting point. Real time lighting should not be supported for the Iris GPU’s because of its limited RAM. Yet in Options that option was checked and enabled. It should be unchecked and disabled.

(Grant Davies) #64

Yes, it’s a bug in 1.23 that we’ll be fixing soon.