Old Battlenet Look

Would it be feasible to add in an option to make battle.net resemble what it looked like pre-remastered? I’m not saying I want the old client back; I’m quite enjoying being able to play in Windowed mode and being able to access my friends list out of the game. I just think it would be nice to get the old aesthetic back. I’d even be willing to pay a reasonable price for it.

I understand that you can’t make it look 100% like the original since there is now a new layout and new screens for matchmaking and viewing profiles, but I imagine its possible to create another customized look that resembles the old interface that we could swap in.

I know there’s probably other more pressing concerns with battle.net at the moment, but if this could happen at some point down the road, that’d be swell.


ahahah, the Game has lagg, and is blowing over around itself…
Even in THe ASTL (afreeka Star Team league ) they have lagg … That bad the current problem is … Why not take the last ressources this game has and put it on redesigning the Battle net to old one …

I think interface was the wrong word to choose. Really I just want the background from the old days.


I don’t see why not. In SC 2, you can change the initial menu background back to WoL and HotS themes, as well as the ones they had for different co-op commanders. They could easily do that for SC 1, considering it was basically just a wallpaper and had no 3d animations. I never cared for remaster to begin with, so having that classic background back would be nice.

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