OG Starcraft player, how do we play for free on Battlenet?

Hey there,

So stoked SC is now free for mac. I’ve downloaded and played for the first time in what feels like 20 years. Love it. But where are the online battlenet games at?? No games in any of the channels I’ve joined…?

US West tends to have more custom games going on if that’s what you’re looking for.

You need to purchase StarCraft Remastered to access ranked matchmaking but that’s pretty different than what long time players are used to.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I’m in US West, and it says there are ~500 people online with ‘X’ amount of games being played… I just can’t find anyone in any channel, and when I go “Join” there are no games.

I don’t care about ranked matchmaking, as you say, all I want to do is play against real people on maps like “Fastest Possible Space.scm”…

First thing is are you online, did you click on starcraft expansion, because in the original there like most of the time no one.
Third thing make an account for each Gateway, the nearest to your location should have the best connection to other players, of those players are around you. You also can play on other servers, the connection and lag depends on the other players connection and how near they are to you and your own connection.
The biggest gateway with most players are Korea, Asia and US West Europe and than US EAST.
Additionally, you can use VPN to get better connection to other players from like Korea,etc. But it shouldnt matter.
Fastest, Big game hunters and Lost temple FS are by far the most popular maps.
Also dont shy away from the new Fastest map which personally i think is much better, since you dont have the stupid gas bug problem where you cant mine them if you build them in the wrong order…

Thanks for the reply Leonix. I’m still yet to play any human on Battlenet, as I just can’t seem to find any games that are available/no one seems to join my regardless of what Gateway I join.
And also, I’m not playing the expansion. Purely the original on Battlenet… and yeah doesn’t seem like there are many other people that are lame enough to join me…

Anyway, I keep playing more and more computer Melee games which is still a good time killa.

And where might one download the new Fastest Maps?

Here the link for it:

Or the one of the websites with maps,etc.

When you have the map go to dokuments/starcraft/maps and put it there somewhere than you should find it to create games etc. ingame
With windows at least :slight_smile: