New StarCraft campaign: "Voices of the Swarm"

Hello everyone! My second StarCraft campaign, “Voices of the Swarm”, is finished and available for download:

(copy the link in your browser and replace the “+” with a “.”)

“Voices of the Swarm” is set during the original Zerg campaign and takes place between “The Dark Templar” and “Full Circle”. Only moments have passed since the death of Zasz at the hands of Zeratul. The Garm Brood has been driven insane, the Overmind has gone silent and the Cerebrates are in a state of deep concern. Acting as the Cerebrate of the Grendel Brood, you are contacted by Daggoth, who is filling in for the Overmind’s absence, and who explains that you are the only one who can fulfill an important assignment on the Terran world of Tarsonis, because a part of your Brood is still stationed there. From then on, a chain of events unfolds that will bring the Grendel Brood from his marginal role to eventually become one of the most relevant Broods in the Swarm’s ranks.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will give it a try. Warm greetings!

Side note:
For those of you who have missed my first campaign, “Tales of Halcyon”, you can download it here:



Thanks for posting this out. Haven’t tried it yet but just glimpsed through maps via editor and it looks awesome! Keep up the good work, it’s always nice to have some new campaigns and storylines to play out on this masterpiece!

Update: Played a little bit, got to mission 4 and oh boy, that was a pain in the asss and most annoying thing! Bravo!


Story was good and interesting from beginning to end. This campaign is a good complement as a side story of the vanilla Zerg campaign. Cerebrates are funny characters, always worried about the Protoss, while feeling threatened, and they can’t move… So they rely on their underlings.
Mission 1 - “Tarsonis Dies Screaming”: Knowing how it was Tales of Halcyon, I was expecting a bit hard level. Luckily I managed to beat it the first time. Nice difficulty. A rush start, that fits with a Zerg campaign. Level 3 3 Tanks, that was heavy.
Mission 2 - “The Call Of Nargil”: Called my attention the Science Vessels attacking repeatedly. Irradiate made me lose a Hunter Killer. Was weird to see a Ghost attacking at the beginning. Well done adding the Matriarch. Blizzard should have included hero units for Infested Terrans and Broodlings.
Mission 3 - “Dark Stalkers”: After losing some units this mission becomes really tough. Had to repeat the level. In the suicide part I expected some last words haha. I liked the sound effects for doors. You made every detail to count in this map, well done.
Mission 4 - “Prodigal Son”: So many Dragoons here, then I suspected that many units were being created via triggers. Was a good thing to make the player decide how to use Creep Colonies, and player is forced to hurry up. A bit difficult. Since I was running out of resources, I made 12 Queens for the first time in StarCraft. I used Spawn Broodling like 50+ times. Interesting to see Zeratul and Tassadar here, and Kerrigan speaking.
Mission 5 - “Divide By Zero”: Thanks for the generous immortal Draculisks. I discovered the secret cheat by the 4th time I played, I hurried to the nearest orange base and I think that caused the Draculisks to never lose invincibility. So the level was a lot easier because of that.
Mission 6 - “The Skies Darken”: Awesome final mission. I thought there was capacity for 20 Warlords, but I read wrong. Anyway, I attacked with 12 Warlords and 24 Hydralisks until red Toss, Stasis Field made me lose many times. Added a lot of Hydralisks and then I won. I had a hard time.
You are very talented on making custom campaigns!


Thank you very much for your feedback, Savora!

About Mission 4, the vast majority of the enemy units are trained by the AI (Protoss Campaign Medium, but it almost looks like Protoss Campaign Difficult, doesn’t it?), while the only units created via triggers are the Dark Templar and the small groups that periodically attack the Cerebrate. Good strategy with Queens, I always encourage people to use them in this mission.

About Mission 5, I really have no idea what you mean by “secret cheat”, I have examined the whole trigger system and I don’t know how you could manage to make the Draculisks immortal, as they become vulnerable as soon as the player gains control over them: can you be more specific on this circumstance?

Thanks again for your compliments, I’m glad that you enjoyed my work and my story.

Yes, I couldn’t figure out if the AI was set on Protoss Campaign Medium on mission 4.
When I wrote my review I didn’t know how the Draculisks remained immortal. So I tried to remember and repeat exactly what I did last time. Invincibility can’t be disabled when units are rescued because they change owner. That trigger is set for neutral players 1 and 3, but not for player 6. When rescuing the units before that trigger fires, units keep their invincibility. But with Overseers is not being kept.

Another well made campaign that i just finished :slight_smile:
The custom units. the sounds, the story it was a pleasure to play all the way trough!
And i like how difficult some maps was, think i spent nearly 2 hours on the 3. map haha! I sure hope youre making more campaigns in the future because they are really well made thoose ive played so far.
Ty very much Andrea


Hey kk92, I’m delighted that you enjoyed VotS and that it gave you some hours of fun. I think you meant Mission 4 (the third one is the installation map) which is indeed quite tough: I myself sometimes have my butt kicked in that map. Thanks for the kind words and for your encouragement!