New StarCraft campaign: "Champions of Khandia"

My new StarCraft campaign, “Champions of Khandia”, is finished and available for download:

(copy the link in your browser and replace the “+” with a “.”)


Very far from Antioch, west of the archaic sea of Kna-Tari, lies the province of Khandia. Homeland of the Furinax Tribe, Khandia is renowned for its industrious people, mainly builders, artisans and weaponsmiths who revel in their progressive crafts, their greatest feats being the power suits wielded by Zealots and the Dragoon exoskeleton. Scientific research, logic and skepticism characterize the lifestyle of the Furinax, and their sheer ingenuity has become proverbial. Suddenly, an ominous sound penetrates the placid waves of Kna-Tari: the Zerg, fierce creatures intent on conquering Aiur, attack in force. Led by Cerebrate Gorn, just revived after his temporary death in Scion, the Zerg proceed to lay waste to the whole province. Now Khandia is on the brink of total annihilation, and it’s up to you to restore hope in your people. Acting as the local Executor, and fully aware of the fact that receiving any help from other provinces will be nearly impossible, you strive to rally the remaining warriors and plan a counter offensive against the evil that changed the winds and wronged the tides. You will need to be extremely careful, because not only the revenant Gorn is one of the highest ranking Cerebrates in the Swarm’s ranks, but he also has yet to reveal his deadliest servant.

I hope you’ll enjoy these missions. Cheers!
Andrea Rosa


Whenever I have time I’m gonna play it for sure. Very nice how the Protoss universe is depicted in the story description. The campaign is promising.


Thanks for showing interest in my campaign, Savora. I suggest you to re-download it before playing it, because I have just fixed a couple of nasty bugs (the download link is the same). Cheers!


Awsome campaign ! I espacially like the sound effects before the Lava erruptions in the 2. map ! Keep up the good work


Thank you for playing my campaign, kk92! Those eruptions were very tricky to make, but I’m satisfied with the overall effect, and I was also lucky to find the right sound effects. Cheers!

NOTE: People who have downloaded this campaign before 31 January 2021 should re-download it, because there have been several small fixes and adjustments. Check the end of the readme file to verify if you have the most recent version.

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