My SC: Brood War 1vs1 units tier list

November 2023, 1vs1 only unit tier list

It’s based on general unit power, costs, micro posibilities, stats, compositions, available strategies etc. Literally everything together.


What do you think?

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-How is scout last place with broodling ? Scout is literally a great unit if not for its cost and coming without speed and vision upgrade…
-Probe should be best Tier, can build infinity and is the best worker by far, personally i think it even out micros drones for some reason, which is strange because it shouldnt. Also shooting over minerals with probe seems more conistent than with drones and it kills drones even if drones gets first shot, which i dont get why…
-Devourer should be F Rank, worst unit ever after broodling cant even do the thing it is made for, its slow shot is the worst thing ever thought about, they die to anything, only good thing is that it can make wraiths visible if you actually get a shot of and its spores are crazy when you actually get them to work and somehow have more ressources than opponent, but most of the time most s. cost efficient ever. And it can make Muta survive a irradiate. All great thing if they actually would work while playing, but they 99,99 procent never do.
-HT should be S rank, the fact that it can be morphed and storm beats everything, pretty cheap unit considering, much more microble than defiler, makes PvZ playable more or less, insane value, can kill so much with one storm, Worker lines, pretty good range, insane energy saving. Even when sniped can still kill a bunhc of stuff.
-Reaver at least A rank if not S, used in every match up, reaver drop wins games like mutas in Zvt, PvP the golden unit that can be difference between good and godly player, even in PvZ viable and essential in lategame PvZ.
-Shuttle should be one up i think, best dropship in the game and gives Protoss advantage in every island map. + storm drop, reaver drop,shuttle play style in PvT, important in middle game and lategame PvZ if zerg is ahead or to just do damage, PvP classic.

-Dt Up A, wins games in every matchup, strong unit, only reason not to build is because HT is god.

Broodling generally is just a spawn from the queen ability that does absolutely nothing after it’s spawned so…

For Scout: very expensive unit, very low damage, very low hp, comes at mid-late game, it has literally no place in the game - corsair is much cheaper and does everything better than Scout. Scout is literally extremely expensive Terran Wraith without stealth mode.

I was thinking about place devourer either in D or F so I partially agree with you there. However there is no worse unit than Scout in the game.

Mostly depends on the enemy placement and unit type. I did a little mistake there by putting it into “B” category but honestly I wouldn’t put it in “S”. So “A” at best. Still slow and expensive. It’s generaly good but not VS everything. Situational unit only.

What about the ground-only target and 0 mobility? Plus scarabs costs minerals. I could go with “A” again but definitely not “S”.

It was hard for me to rate the Shuttle. It generally works as the Terran Dropship the only thing is that you can drop reaver or HT from it which can deal extreme damage to economy but it’s not the Shuttle itself but just the unit inside it.

Situational unit. Works VERY good when you go PvT and Terran is unprepared for it. Otherwise garbage.

DT garbage ? Dt wins games every match up, specially PvZ.
Literally, DT expansion is a build for PvP, PvT and classic in 2gate games in ZvP.
Used as a classic expansion deny in PvZ, wins games with DT drops or just walking into mains Slash, slash and suddenly Zerg has no drones.
Even can hold of entire Zerg rush if you can snipe overlord with corsairs and dragoon. Sometimes even invisible to overlord because of unit bug that cant attack it. DT should be A and HT S.

I generally play Terran but how does DT actually wins the PvZ matchup when there are overlords everywhere? And if you place atleast one cheap sunken colony then how dt will do its job?

There are usually more overlords around.

DT Drops are a pretty common strategy and tactic in mid game and late game pvz. There is the whole strategy bisu builds, in PvZ. When Protoss goes Mass corsairs or stargate first of fast expansion or even 1 base overlords are a weakness, be it hydra openings or spire openings. There are even no stargate, 2 gate into direct into mass DTs from fast expansion to surprise your opponents that tend to work quite good once of a while or on unorthodox maps, even mass speedlots strategies with plus 1 or not can benefit from it, specially with one dragoon or so snipping the overlords…
Specially denying expos or just roaming around looking for a opening, getting into main can be strong. Further, it is not like the opponent knows what you gonna do, lol
And even in standard play we see DT mixed in.

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That is the problem.

To make scouts “decent”, you need a Fleet Beacon (300/200), the speed upgrade (200/200), and enough Scouts that they can realistically kill something in a raid, despite only 8 ground damage. That’s a very big expense. You are looking at well over 2000 minerals and 1000 gas.

Assuming that all of those conditions are met, then you can use Scouts to pick off units on the map and retreat back to a Shield Battery to recharge every time their shields get low. This is just about the only way to keep Scouts alive to kill enough units that they “might” be decent.

There are a few problems with your assessment:

First, the Scout’s health is not low. 250 health at 3 supply (83.33 per supply) is quite high. The Scout’s durability is higher than Mutalisks, Guardians, and Wraiths, and it is potentially higher than Valkyries depending on the attacker.

Second, Scouts do outperform Corsairs in some areas. They are better at killing Guardians, Devourers, Battlecruisers, Valkyries, and Carriers. That said, Dragoons and Archons are also better against those targets, so that isn’t usually a good reason to make Scouts. The Scout’s pitiful ground attack is also better than Disruption Web in a few niche cases, and worse in plenty of others.

Broodlings are definitely worse, but they are more of a bonus to the Spawn Broodling spell than an actual unit.

Scouts could be (mostly) fixed by removing the speed upgrade and making it the base speed & acceleration. There are probably a few other changes you could justify, but that is the main problem holding Scouts back.

it’s literally the worst unit for the cost, lol

you can have three scouts or two carriers

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Ok, I give you thumb up there, atleast for this unit. I just re-read some liquipedia strategies and I quote:

Competitive Usage


“The Dark Templar is an especially effective unit against the Zerg when paired with the Corsair, which can quickly kill off detection Overlords.”

Mutalisks has good harass and are generally strong unless they meet hard counters, wraiths especially with cloak has good anti air potential and some harass potential, scouts has nothing. The scout cost is very close to carriers (as somebody mentioned “you can have three scouts or two carriers” - and carriers are actually doing something, like… everything unlike scout that has literally no place in the game because disruptor ). You also need speed upgrade for this unit but still It’s ALWAYS better to simply build Carriers rather than Scouts. 8 dmg isn’t enough for harass or to do any harm to ground units and for anti air you have cheap Corsair which is cheaper, doing even better than scout VS air units and can literally disable ground units for a while with spell.

Summarizing Scout for its total cost, damages, abilities (none) and alternatives that players can produce instead of Scout to do the same tasks are literally making this unit the worst unit in the game. Never produced unless trolling or maybe some strange openings like one scout… scout…

I don’t think it would help. It would be still better to go for alternatives. Huge cost reduction would make scouts only somehow useful sometimes.

I think you are wrong…

825 375 150 450 300 3scouts
700 500 176 600 300 + 400 0 200 … 2 carriers + needs fleet beacon 37,5

Though, i also think carriers are one of the most efficient in the long run.
But keep in mind scout can attack instantly, doesnt need fleet beacon. Is faster, doesnt need interceptors to build, 4 interceptors take as long as arbiter to make … 8 =2 arbiters. Different typ of unit for sure. Carriers more of a late game bulldozer, while scouts are more of a heavy fighter.