Music won't loop, missing entirely in some missions

Just an update to say that I tried uninstalling Starcraft Remastered and then redownloading and reinstalling from scratch, in lieu of any other real options.

I am happy to say that the fresh install seems to have cleared up the issue.

Hi all,

Having an issue where the music tracks play only once during a mission and won’t play again. I have a workaround where I can save the game and reload it to kick off the track, but on certain missions (so far Terran mission 2 and Terran mission 5) have no music entirely and this workaround doesn’t help.

I’ve tried scanning and repairing the installation, no problems found. Tried enabling administration mode for Starcraft. Tried a few other online solutions for mostly unrelated problems (couldn’t find anything exactly like mine) such as toggling play sound in background or changing language and then back again, no dice.

Curiously, I had a music issue recently with Heroes of the Storm as well. I turned the music off to listen to something else as background music, and when the background music had finished I turned the HotS music back on. However, it didn’t play and I had no music for the rest of the match. My buddy however, who did the exact same thing, reported that his music kicked in the moment he re-enabled it.

Quite possibly just a coincidence, but thought it worth mentioning in case it’s some weird account-level shenanigans. I noticed Starcraft Remastered imports settings and whatnot so you never know.

Also worth mentioning is that I played through the entire campaign of this game last year on almost the exact same hardware except this time I have a new SSD (and a new windows install). I had zero issues with the sound in my original playthrough.

It’s not CTRL+M, either. Music is definitely toggled on, and it plays the first time I load a level (except for in the case of Terran mission 2 and Terran mission 5 so far, with no music at all - CTRL+M didn’t help there either).

Please help! The soundtrack is one of my favourite things about this game.

I noticed also that music and sound can for some reason stop playing sometimes. When you play at lot without sound or toggle it a lot. I have some ideas that could fix it, but i need to test them. If idont forget

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