Modifications you want for SC:R -3-

New Forum Commemoration
It is the third idea to improve SC: R.
This is my personal opinion.

Previous First idea:

Resolution adjustment option is required.
Widescreen original graphics
Computer AI Enhancement
Observer/replay Enhancement
Leaderboard System ICCUP

  • Gosu reps
  • User reps
  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Rankings
  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Country rankings
  • Team rankings
  • Clanwars
  • Maps & Race Statistics (iccup)
  • Race Statistics (iccup)

Chose Player Color System (Bring back more player colors)
Server Lag Improving (Key points)
Game Lobbies Revised to Support 16 Players (After Solving Server Lag)
Profile Enhancement
Language Options
-Options that differentiate between text and speech languages like SC2
-It is also possible with the current SC: R original voice option, but the soundlow quality.

Clan System
MCA64Launcher System
-Name and race of player at the top of the screen
-Twitch Broadcast Interworking
-Winamp Music player System

Ghost Head Team color error
SDGraphic Battlenet Chat box error
SDGraphic zoom-in zoom out error (The graphics are distorted.)
SDGraphic Improving
New Ramps Edit
SDGraphic Fonts
-Fonts in SD graphics for other languages, including Korean, are displayed in remaster fonts. Compare it in the game.

-Classic StarCraft Website Enhancement and Improve

Previous second idea:

Remastered graphic error fixs

Handicap system
Campaign improvements (Like Warcraft III: reforged)
Tutorial Features
Campaign Editor Enhancement
Player nationality display (iccup)
-For Korean players, show [KOR] after player name

  • E.g: [KOR] Last
  • Show stats: [KOR] Last Ladder Game: 1x1: [S] 2500; 2x2: [S] 2500

View Match Stats (Game Details system) (iccup)
Added option to switch to observer mode (I heard this feature was a feature that existed in the StarCraft original beta version.)
Options to observe the games you are playing
Observer Game

  • Option to enable observer mode like custom hotkey, unit limit option in game creation
  • The Observer position is now closed by default and is considered useless. It would be nice to add an option to enable or disable observers, like custom hotkeys and unit limit options when creating a game. It would also be nice to display a separate game with an observer enable in the game list in the game join.
  • Increase the number of observers

New Third idea:

New Ramps Fault (New Ramps Edit)

Computer vs. computer observer available
Add new game type

At present, StarCraft thinks its functions and interfaces should be enhanced.

Increase the number of classic team members!


Those ramps look awesome! Original editor needs huge changes.


Awesome suggestions :smiley:

And higher resolution like in the editor.

I’d still like to see them re-add the old Sound Editing features, so you can change the sounds for each unit. I want the voice of Stephen Hawking to be the SCV again!

You have a bunch of features there, but how about some quality of life changes?

  1. Let me see the ladder rankings while I’m queuing - WHY NOT? Let me look at UMS lobbies while I’m queueing too.

  2. Add some replay features that SC2 has - let me see how many workers each person has, let me see recent income rates, and let me see a list of all upgrades researched. Just make it togglable off so that it doesn’t effect broadcasted matches.

  3. We need a command like /squelchopp that squelches our opponent if we’re in a match… even at miserable E rank I play barcodes, and i can’t mute people I want to mute.

  4. A command like /lastopp would also be nice. It would simply type the name of your last opponent in the chat console and maybe say their ladder stats or something. That way you could copy/paste their ID to look up their profile or report them.

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Jesus christ, cool to hear another human to talk about this besides the regular chimps that visit this forum.

This is SO important, specially when we get TMM, i would like to be able to join custom games and search custom games also while i am quequeing a rank game, also if at the middle of a 2v2 search we should be able to change to a 1v1.

good suggestions! site needs text to speech integration for better accessibility and it will eventually lead to a diverse crowd on the platform or collaborate with any B2B AI text to speech service like Wavel and make it happen

This thread could go to preschol by now.

Whatever, I’m in
Let EUD scenarios end in victory.

There is already a SD Widescreen. The only problem is thew Zoom out.

And many of these features like 2 vs 2 are already avaible on shield battery(ttps:// Only contra is that they have many people there that are a little less toxic as Lol community as they say. Personally i rather think they are as toxic as them or more, so you will need some partner before hand .

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