Map Problems caused by 64-bit settings


I am one of the users to enjoy the SC people for a long time.
I mostly enjoy playing Use Maps, but I’ve been having trouble recently.

“The Scenario is unreadable because it is invalid or corrupted.”

After a while, I finally found a solution.
The Map was disabled due to the 64-bit default settings.
In 32-bit it still works fine.
However, 64-bit users will end the game immediately in the game.
I recommend them change to 32-bit to run StarCraft, but I’m being treated as an idiot.
My guess is that the map should have been changed to 64-bit while the map is guaranteed to run on 64-bit.
I wonder if there is a willingness to guarantee compatibility with these maps, and if we can’t guarantee compatibility, can we go back to 32-bit?
(Even if the grammar is strange, please understand. I am very vulnerable to English.)


Course of I not understand what you writed here.



It’s possible the older map needs to be opened with the latest ScmDraft 2 editor and resaved. We have a thread on how to get the latest Map editor Here. I would recommend trying this over using 32-bit client.

Thank you!


Is the map protected? I think there is a bug between one of the protection mechanisms and 64bit.

(Grant Davies) #5

Do you have a link to the map so that we could investigate?