Mandela Effect/am I imagining things? New Gettysburg mission from Episode 1: Rebel Yell

At the end of the 9th Terran campaign level “New Gettysburg” (from the OG StarCraft), Raynor says the line: “What? You’re not just gonna leave them?” but waaaay back in the day, I thought I always remembered it as “What? You’re not just gonna leave her ?” referring to Kerrigan.

Does anyone else remember it like I do? Or, am I just remembering it wrong? Thanks in advance.

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As of patch 1.15.2, the older version I have on my CDs, Raynor does say “What? You’re not just gonna leave em?”

Correct, them or 'em. But if memory serves me right, the line went “her”. Maybe my brain is tricking me.


I have a v1.05 (first CD release, I believe?) that I’ll install and check out that line when I get home later. It feels like I’ve heard “her” there at some point as well.


Any update? Just curious, thanks.

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Oh crap! I replied while I was at work and forgot about it by the time I got home! Sorry!

My disk is actually version 1.00 so it’s the very original. I installed and played out the 9th mission. I turned the music off (and the subtitles on) and turned up the speech volume. Listening closely, it pretty clearly “them” (and that’s what the subtitles say too).

BUT! Like I said, I could swore I’ve heard “her” somewhere. I opened SC2 and played the cinematic “The Betrayal” and…

The strange thing is, it’s just the subtitle that uses “her”. Jim’s audio seems to say “them”.


No problem, all good man. Thanks for your response! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that could have heard “her” somewhere too.

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