Maintenance Patch Notes - May 12th, 2020

5/14 Update:
We’ve just released patch which addresses the following:
-Fix for EUD strings
-Fix for save games no longer allowing players to join
-Additional UI stability improvements

Greetings all,

We’ve just released a maintenance patch to address an issue below.

  • Fixed broken saved game compatibility issue: during our patches for 1.23.3, 64-bit saved games became incompatible with 32-bit and previous version saved games. This fix means that 64-bit saved games created in those recent broken builds will not load going forward.
  • UI stability improvements for joining & creating games.

Thank you!


Great thanks! Now you should take a look into the Infinite Nuke / Maphack players on Ladder as well.


It looks like this patch broke map vetos. I just played 4 games on ladder and 3 of them were on maps I have vetoed. (Specifically Hitchhiker and La Mancha). I did double check and those maps are still indeed marked as vetos, it just seems to be ignoring it after the patch.

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I cant run the game anymore. “An upgrade is required”, then the game restart and nothing happends.


This patch broke whole EUD use maps. The maps which had Button, hot key, order, text change
trigger aren’t working now.

I believe it was not your intention to break up whole use map settings and hope you fix it like previous.

If it isn’t fixed, so may use map setting users will leave.


Can you please provide an example map so that we can reproduce the issue?

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Hey Grant. Not here to report on anything. I just want to say thank you for continuing to support this game. Old games are known to be really difficult to work on because fixing one thing will usually break another… and SC:BW is clearly no exception. One step forwards and two steps back, right? Anyway, I just imagine it can be frustrating at times but I want to let you know that at least some of us really appreciate the work you and everyone else puts in day-to-day.

Thank you, good luck and stay healthy :slight_smile:


We’ve released build 8310 with a fix for the map veto issue. Thanks for the report, and apologies again for the inconvenience!


Can you fix the maphack / infinite nuke hack on the top of ladder right now?

https tlnet/ forum/brood-war/559554-infinite-nuke-cheat-on-top-of-ladder

LINK above^

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As of today, I am unable to join any previously saved games with other people. When someone hosts a saved game and anyone else tries to join, we get an error saying “Unable to join game - There are no available slots”. The saved game still shows “open” slots in the menu for the players that were playing (as expected), but it won’t let anyone join.

what??? is that a thing omg, is it easy to achieve, damn. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

The nuke Hack video

My community member Dong and artanis will send you mail about usemap issue. And I also sent email about ad games in Korea server. Please let me know about your plan regarding spam game list. Thank you.

Well it didnt fix the Missing UI bug, if that’s what you intended to do? :frowning:

I think the mainentance broke a lot of replays. I cant even watch replays from the games I have played just hours before the patch. lol

Fix pls?

Additionally, there is bug when playing EUD map. In EUD map, even though makers use victory trigger, defeated pop up comes out. So players can’t enjoy victory moment in EUD map.
Thank you

Are you sure that’s not just on a map by map basis? Is it on maps that used to previously, correctly give the Victory trigger? I’ve played SO many maps where it ends in defeat when you win over the years…

Also, yes, please fix EUD maps. :frowning: Text overflow has been an issue everywhere in EUD maps since the last updates, ones that normally worked fine.

I’m not sure what’s being done to the game to break this, but I’m sure it’s a nightmare to sort out, with how finicky EUD is. Elias is the one guy that would definitely be able to resolve this, but he’s not with Blizzard anymore. :frowning:

It is totally broken. In Battle net, the games randomly get grayed-out. But they are active and when I refresh, I can join a game before it gets grayed out.

Is the savegame issue you say you fixed the same as the one found a couple months ago when loading a game from a map with extended strings resulted in wrong strings being played in subsequent triggers?

We’ve just released patch which addresses the following:
-Fix for EUD strings
-Fix for save games no longer allowing players to join
-Additional UI stability improvements

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Hi thanks for quick updates.
But still there are problems in EUD string change in button set. First, text color isn’t applied. So all strings in tbl appear basic color even though it has text colored strings.
Second, additional explanation show up in some buttons. It means that even though maker didn’t put text, additional text show like
“button name [Q] [Q]”.