Looking for Feedback on Campaigns

Hey, guys. I’ve made a few short custom campaigns and was hoping to get someone’s thoughts on them. Thanks in advance for any comments.



As Cold As Ice:




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Hello dear RoughRider.
I saw “Migration” campaign on Pronogo’s campaign list. You must be JumpStart.
As of today I have only played “Migration”. Later on, I will gladly play “As Cold as Ice”.
Tomorrow I’m gonna write here a full review of your campaign “Migration”. Now I’m on cellphone and it’s uncomfortable to write here.

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Thanks, man. I’m not sure when you’ve played Migration, but I’ve made a few updates to the triggers and voice acting as of about a month ago due to me having 2nd thoughts about them after release(you don’t have to play it again if you don’t want to). I wasn’t able to get voice acting for ACAI, but I was able to get some for Outsiders(recording voices has been rough). Thanks again for the reply and looking forward to your review.

I played it some months ago, on August maybe. Still remember most of it. Anyways, I’ll give a try the updated version, because it surely worth trying, so I can make a comparison and evaluate the improvement.

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Like I said you don’t really have to replay it again if you don’t want to. I’ve only updated some of the smaller triggers(added in some triggered attacks on mission 2, made the hold out section in mission 4 require 1 SCV to remain on the beacon, etc) as well as trying to improve the space trucker voice acting and graphics which may or may not be noticable. W/e you decide I hope you have fun while doing it and wish you a safe and relaxing weekend as well.

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I was curious about voice acting, so I decided to replay it.
Voice acting was OK, but I recommend you to get help when the story has more than two characters, because I think more actors are necessary. There were some noises in background.
Finally a campaign that doesn’t have the same mineral fields of 1500 and geysers with 5000 gas. Also, landscapes look natural, resources are not always easy to access, and terrain makes harvesting sometimes a bit uncomfortable, which makes it more realistic.
You should track your campaign versions: Also include date of release for better tracking. The campaign needs a lower file size, you should compress WAV files (monoaural 16-bit sound files with the lowest sampling rate), you may use Audacity.

1st mission - “Disturbance Force”: Nice beginning. Tough fighting against Ultras with infantry. There was too much Vespene. I heard music when rescuing the units (that was something new), nice touch.
Fix mission objective: Emergency*, also dialogue misspellings.

2nd mission - “Valley of the Serpent”: Map design is really nice. At first, I haven’t noticed the serpent on the minimap (I never notice the macroscopic shapes). Later on I discovered the shape in the map preview. Of course I never look at previews before playing to avoid spoilers. I don’t remember if the yellow Zerg was there the first time I played. The problem with Random Suicide Missions is that the enemy units in the front are ignored by PC most of the time. Gets worse in narrow paths, Zerg units got easily blocked.
You fixed the trigger that destroys lifted buildings. The sound of wind wasn’t noticeable during game, but then I checked the Sound File Manager and found that it wasn’t used. I don’t know if the audio was meant to be used. Anyway, file size is too large!

3rd mission - “Divide & Conquer”: Interestingly, the layout reminds me of a map from Retribution (the mission from Terran campaign where you keep a Cerebrate on a Stasis Cell). When the Zerg gets their upgrades to level 2 they become really tough, Wraiths not recommended for attacking.

4th mission - “New Hoover Dam”: My favourite, an Installation map where you get constantly attacked, resulting in a very different gameplay than what’s usual on these kind of maps. The first time I finished the campaign I had troubles on this mission, tried it so many times. This time, when replaying the campaign, was way easier for me because I knew there were some secret extra units you can get, which appear at the starting point (thanks to a playthrough I saw). I liked the Powerup, I must say that it was quite original. The miniguns at the end blocked all the Zerg waves during the hold out, and Ultralisks got stucked on stairs.

5th mission - “This Land is My Land”: I was anxious to get Tanks available. I took advantage from the lots of minerals after passing the first Protoss base. Not sure if Carriers were added.

6th mission - “The Enchanted Forest”: On mission briefing you got me when laughing, I was actually expecting a “hahaha”, textual. Was funny to hear Mengsk laughing.
Very interesting enchanted forest. Tech tree was fine, just the necessary for the missions, a bit challenging because of Zerg upgrades. Siege Tanks makes life so easy.
Artanis seemed so innocent in the story. In the end you help the Protoss so that they don’t bother you, that was funny.

Next time I’m gonna play As Cold as Ice. But first I want to finish playing Voices of the Swarm by Andrea Rosa.

Thank you for sharing your campaign!

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Hey, man. Thanks a lot for the review. It’s nice to have a little more info for me to decide how to improve my campaigns(reading yours makes me think that “Outsiders” could use a little bit more work). I like Andrea Rosa’s campagins as well and think that they’re a good read(he inspired me more to use the 6 map mission structure). Hope you have a happy holiday’s and that you keep clear from Covid.

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Oh yes, I forgot to suggest you to use Order triggers when you wish to add some interesting attacks. Issue order enemy units to patrol instead, in this way, units will attack anything on their way to destination and won’t get stuck. Attack order will only make them attack their pointed target, they’ll attack anything on their way only if attacked first, until they reach their destination area.
Thanks man, I wish you happy holidays too. Stay safe!

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Hi RoughRider

i just finished all of the campaigns and i gotta say… they were very good, i really enjoyed it, and ure the first one to put in audio at the briefin sessions: )
Sure they could bee better, but they are there ! and thats awsome ! I just hope that more will come in the future im rly enjoying theese fan made campaigns ! Huge shoutout to Andrea Rosa aswell ! U guys are doing a great job.
One little thing is that i hope it will bee a little harder in the future :slight_smile:


Hey kk92

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’m glad to hear that you’d enjoyed them. I did make a harder campaign back in 2019, but it was never really finished plus the missions were kinda lengthy and drawn out(missions 4 & 7 were dubbed “a war of attrition”). I’ll leave the link here in this post in case you want to try it out, but be warned that it is not for everyone. Stay safe out there. :mask:



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