Latency problems, can anyone help?

So for some strange reason I tend to be having severe latency issues (unit responsiveness). I usually play team games (3v3) which will involve many people. Every time I play, the units I command always respond with a delay. According to other players, they say they rarely experience this issue. I suspect that they may not notice the difference. I’ve also been told that this can tend to happen due to a large player base (even though its ironic that the other players claim they don’t run into this problem). However, whats interesting to me, is that this even happens when i’m playing 1v1’s. Even upon playing with one other player, there is still significant delay in unit response.

What’s even more obscure, is that I did a test game outside of and played a game in Multiplayer>LAN (just with a computer), and I still had latency problems! Even playing vs an A.I. by myself, there was still unit delay.

This leaves me to suspect something may be wrong on my end, and not necessarily the servers or due to other people in various parts of the world? I’m not entirely sure. I’ve noticed that when I am searching for games, all the games have yellow and red bars. Contrary to other players and streamers, they are always green. I’ve always had pretty solid ISP, so all of this is a mystery to me. Can anyone help?