Khaydarin Crystal bug

I was just playing the sc campaign and was in the 9th zerg level, Invasion of Aiur in cartoon mode when I encountered this bug:

I had just wiped all the toss bases and sent in my drone to retrieve the crystal. I did not have any defending to do for the 10 minutes so I just piled my guys around center and started a hatchery on the other side of the crystal. after the 10 minutes elapsed I had a notification warning me there was no room for the crystal to spawn.

Now I cannot complete the level without doing it all over and frankly that took so much time and effort ill sooner just uninstall this glitchy misadventure into nostalgia.

Just use cheats if that’s how emotional you feel about it.

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I just had this issue happen to me as well.

I had too many ground units stacked up near the beacon where the Khaydarin Crystal was supposed to spawn and I got an error message saying the crystal could not be placed.

I don’t know if it’s really fair to call this a bug. I think it’s more a limitation of the SC1 editor itself. Still, I hadn’t saved and was essentially soft-locked after this happened and had to play the mission over again in order to advance.

This was a little frustrating, but not the end of the world.

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