Keeping it tasked [HELP PLEASE!]

Im keepin’ game taked down 'cause when I launch the game - I get aproxx. 10 minutes time delay (notting happends, can use other programs). After that SC icon appears on taskbar & textbox: graphics drivers out of date, I click OK, game starts… Again, in-game main menu: old drivers warrning mssg. again OK, and after it runs normaly.
How do I kill 10 minutes start-up delay?

It’ killing my comp.!

Dell Vostro 3550, win10, Intel Graphic HD 3000. Drivers are up2date.


Lol you get that error because you dont have a graphics card, you have onboard graphichs which is inferior and not for gaming…as for how long it takes to boot, possibly you have a slow hard drive? Should upgrade to a SSD.
You might be able to switch to 32bit client in the bnet launcher starcraft options

Ignore TerranGhost. An onboard graphics card and a HDD are more than able to run Remastered.

Can you show us your event log?
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