Idea about SC1 With SC2 Engine

I need a favor someone can push that matter to higher ranks in Blizzard Company
I played StarCraft Since I was child and now I almost 40 years old and I wish
what If you made StarCraft 1 as the same engine that Operating the Same StarCraft II.
1- Marketing Depart can vote to other players if they wish to see StarCraft I Rebuilding as same StarCraft II
2- Developers can make very much the same Maps like the Same old one
3- Made a Good Cinematics about StarCraft I related With events in Missions
4- Make the Same Story with Same Voices that Build StarCraft II
5- This will be win win for all of us and let you back into business
The Game Will be new but with Same story that build the Old one
I’d like to see that will happen in my Life time I will pay top dollars for that
And thanks Rainmithwen For give me that chance to speak of that new release

This has kind of been done in a mod for Starcraft 2 called “Starcraft: Mass Recall”. It’s fan effort and a little rough but brings brood war to sc2.

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I just Ask about fully game platform I will see that mods but I feel is not sufficient it’s not just a game it a story to tell, now after few min from playing that mood it’s not like I imagine I need Full Game SC1 with story like SC2

Blizzard has officially stopped producing new content for both SC1 and SC2 and haven’t expressed any interest in future projects beyond some licensed clothing and collector’s items. What little investment they have in RTS gaming beyond map pools, balance, and basic maintenance is going towards adding a few features to WC3 that players expected on release day.

Maybe ask again if Microsoft successfully purchased Activision Blizzard.

And the ones that…Mother gives you…don’t do anything at all… Go ask Alice…when she’s 10 feet tall

that’s why they can get back into business if anyone have foreseen this will give about from 36 hour to 55 hours to play , Plus It will add great value to company
It’s long and wealthy to play

StarCraft II’s engine is good, but it’s not designed for an RTS as it is StarCraft I.

Actually Only Developers can answer that rumor , But I believe it can be happening our PCs since release SC2 was handling big battles with numberless threats but now the Pcs are much faster I think it can handle largest maps with largest numbers plus I believe they can add two players help each other in the missions stimulatory.

I mean they are completely different games, it is not efficient making such change. StarCraft I is an RTS, but StarCraft II is not.

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I’m really hope Someone from Developers can See that topic and reply on us if can SC1 turn into SC2 or it far from to be difficult

🔴Starcraft 1 campaña pero en Starcraft 2 Parte 1 (en dificil) - YouTube here mass recall

He doesn’t like Mass Recall. Maybe he also wants multiplayer.

It’s really nice and I think it took hard work to complete like that thanks , but I’m talking about the Quality and professional plus largest maps with new skin of maps and deep cinematic events, it’s something like capture you like you live within. thanks Yenyeri