How to play Starcraft LAN on Windows 11 and Linux Mint 21.3

I’m attempting to play a LAN game with Starcraft I downloaded from your site and between a Windows 11 computer and a Linux Mint 21.3 computer through Wine.

The versions are up-to-date as far as I know.

But after creating a one-on-one game with either computer, the other guest computer does not see the game created and thus, cannot start the game.

EDIT: I forgot: the Starcraft version is

Thank you for your attention.

Normally, allow firewall to let your pc get connect lan for both games…
you may need bonjour
try over interent otherwise…
If you insist over lan try both way to host and see if it sees …
Usually starcraft is one of the best ways to play over lan in contrast to lets age 2 or thers games … I remeber trying for weeks to play age 2 over lan for starcraft is should be far easier… Otherwise try an other version …

Thank you for the reply.

I do have the original versions of Starcraft and Brood War that I bought back in their original releases, and they work fine.

If I was to try another version as you suggested, wouldn’t just try to update the Starcraft client to the latest version nevertheless?

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