How many workers to make/How to tell how many workers you have?

what worker count should you aim for and how do you tell how many workers you have and how many are mining at each base

I believe the site Liquipedia has info on this; all I’ve heard is that you should always be producing workers. My first long game against an experienced player ended with them having 132 worker units (you can see this info in replays). There is no way to check a counter and tell how many workers you have; you must count them.

Well I have heard the exact opposite in fact on artosis stream scan specifically told him to stop making workers in a TvZ when he was at 2 base saturation to make army and go attack

I suppose a better answer from me would be that you should stop whenever your economy is strong enough, I suppose.

I am not Artosis and I certainly do not play at the professional level so their advice is more helpful than mine.

CoachAI has the answers to all your questions, but it only works for SC 1.16

about 2 to 2 and a half workers per mineral patch. So for an 8 patch mineral line, 16-20