How did a reaper enter the brood war?

Hi everyone. Yesterday I played a map called Desert Strike and it had Reaper as one of the units you can build. What it was is a firebat that didn’t walk to move and had rocket propellers on his back. It looked awesome but now I want to know how the map maker did it. I tried opening the map with scmdraft 2 to look at it but it can’t open the map.

Does anyone in here know exactly how it is done?

Hi! It’s an EUD map. Also the map must be locked, since you can’t open it open in SCMDraft 2. And even if it were unlocked, you couldn’t do much without the source files (if it’s a very complex EUD map), since EUD involves numbers, and you wouldn’t understand a thing of what’s there. Only the creators have the source files. Those source files are created within an EUD editor, like EUD Editor 3. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Here’s a guide about EUD:

EUD Editor 3:

More tools / EUD tools over here:

An extreme example of EUD map (this map works only with SC 1.16.1):

Here are some sites where you can find maps / EUD maps: