Hotkeys not working

A few days ago I bought Starcraft BroodWar Remastered in a bout of nostalgia. However, sometimes (not always) the hotkeys don’t work in the game. Closing and reopening the game sometimes helps, sometimes doesn’t. Did anyone encounter that? Are there any solutions?

Do the hotkeys completely stop from working or just some of the clicks? Are you playing UMS that could have different hotkeys? I haven’t heard of this bug.

When this happens, the only place where the hotkeys seem to still work is in the “options” screen (the hoykeys for Video, Sound etc.), and pressing F10 brings up the menu, so the keyboard works. Other than that, hotkeys don’t even work in the game menu (for Single Player, Multiplayer etc).
I’m playing the single player campaign, and I didn’t change the default hotkeys. And since sometimes the hotkeys do work after relaunching the game enough times, I’m fairly confident it’s not something in my configuration.

Dude, the host of the games need to put custom hotkey in his hosting lobby…
There are still some clowns that keep putting original … That is the reason 80 procent of the times when you cant use them … Allways look at the lobby options after joining or when clicking one time … THere it says … But y. sometimes people forget to look and some genius use it to get free wins/advantage …Nevermind should have read your posts lmao…

1.Are you sure you are not play in an other language than usually, each language has different hotkeys in menus,etc.

When you have a chat on the screen normal hotkeys DONT work, you need them to press each hotkey +alt in that case is that maybe ?

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