Hotfix - July 27, 2021


We’ve just released Hotfix Patch to address the flying SCV issue.


Thanks a lot! That was destroying the ladder.


Whoever from Blizzard is reading this, can you please, PLEAAAAAAASE, send an e-mail to someone higher up or something? SC1 desperately needs more attention - SC2 as well, but that’s another topic. This patch took way too long. I think dedicating a single guy to maintaining SC1 (map updates, Warden improvements, gamebreaking bug fixes, etc.) would be better than what you guys are doing now.

Sorry, but this bug didn’t exist before Remastered, and a third party independent developer was able to release a fix for his client “Shield Battery” within a couple weeks. Please bring this up in a discussion sometime.

I love you Blizzard, but you were never the same since the merger :frowning:


THANK YOU for not just letting this go on eternally and letting SC’s competitive kingship end in such a tarnished way.

Please, please either hire a bit more staff to work on this, or take on the Shield Battery team to fix the game’s issues – considering they are already doing this for nonprofit, it probably wouldn’t cost Blizzard anything to do so.

Thanks again. Really didn’t want to see the meta devolve into this permanently.





noun: hotfix; plural noun: hotfixes; noun: hot fix; plural noun: hot fixes

  1. a small piece of code developed to correct a major software bug or fault and released as quickly as possible.

“the developer released a hotfix to deal with the issue”


Sadly, with the budget and staff that higher ups have allocated to SC: Remastered at this point, this /was/ “as quickly as possible” … so hotfix checks out lol

Great news! Any chance we’ll see a ladder reset and a new map pool anytime soon?

Thank you for the fix!! Please start selling the customized in-game dashboard so willing to purchase it! :smiley:

We need a new map pool, please!

SCV good to go sir! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot! more, we want new season and maps… you know, we also paid for this.

Thank you so much for fixing the sliding Command Center bug of 20 years ago

Boo! Ruing the game. 1st you removed Workers stacking. And few bugs that made StarCraft, well SC. Into just another boarding game. Those were not bugs those were part of the game itself.
Building + unit remove = shdaow buildings.
Workers + Geyser = cool worker attacks. [Remvoed] and if try you’ll get a ban! LAME!
The “Flying SCV” issue has been in 1.16.1 since forever!
You removed so much good stuff, this game does not even feel like StarCraft. Feels like SC2. And not really a Remaster.
And when are you going to fix the AIs ??? They have been broken for over 2 years! I have to - keep re-coding on every patch you make cuz you break something.

This is a paid game.
If it’s a paid game, you need to communicate with users.
Rebuild the system as good as before the remaster.
Team ladder, clan system, etc.
Manage your ladder regularly.
If you know a portrait bug, please fix it.
If it is not managed, outsource it or replace it for free.
Be a responsible company .


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The current season is getting too long compared to other seasons.
New radder season plz.

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SCV: I believe I can fly ~ I believe I can touch the sky ~
Blizz: Nope!

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Thank you for fixing the bug. Much appreciated.

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Now, can you please add a 2v2 LADDER!!!


Finally! Thanks Blizzard