Hey masters of starcraft i needyour help it is about the Build order of 3Hatch ling on the liquipedia page

So i was readying some articles when i came to this article
3hatch zerglins a kind of all-in if you dont do enoguht damage …

Build order is this:

  • 9 - [Overlord](
  • 12 - [Hatchery](
  • 11 - [Spawning Pool](
  • 13 - Hatchery (either at a third base or in your base).
  • 12 - [Extractor](h
  • @100% Extractor - Move 3 [Drones]( gas.
  • 11 - Spawn 2/3 Drones.
  • @100 Gas - Moves Drones from gas to minerals and upgrade Zergling Speed.
  • 13/14 - Overlord.
  • @350 hp Pool - Save larvae.
  • @100% Pool - Continually spawn Zerglings.

My problem is this seems off…
First is say save larvae which larvae is the question …

It says i shall do 2-3 drones after extractor…#
while i should save larvae how ?
than we got the part of the make a overlord at 13/14 same problem it cant make all at same time …
Iam overseeing something doing something ?

If your wondering where to save larva, the build states that you should save once the Hatchery has reached 350Hp in its building process. Though, if its too late, you could try around 300HP. I personally haven’t tried the build myself, but I hope my suggestion solves the problem regardless.

mmm, but it is overlaping …
but i test it latter again …