Help with driver/video card message

So i purchased a new computer with the following specs:

Intel i9-12900k
ASUS premium motherboard gen 5.
32 DDR5 6200 mhz RAM
2x 2TB NVME gen5 SSD

But no Video card, i want to wait for the 3040 to come to market in a few months, meanwhile i said I will live with my INTEL integrated 700 UHD video card… and its more than fine most of the time !!!, i can play all kinds of games with the integrated card really, including well StarCraft Remastered (even better than the GTX I had before even), great integrated card.

The problem is that i get a REALLY annoying message every time i open the Game, it goes like this (apparently i cant post images because the FORUM system takes it as a SPAM):

“The installed version of your graphic driver is old and will prevent Starcraft: Remastered from running properly. Visit for information on how to upgrade your graphic driver”

And also I get exactly the same message when the game opens, inside the game UI.

Here are some pictures of the message as it appears on the game and before launching (Just add a dot. after the imgur and a : after the https where there is a blank space to load the image as the FORUM takes links as SPAM):

https //imgur com/6lo8iqo (Photo of the message before launching the Game)
https //imgur com/ydKcz7A (Photo of the message inside the game Game UI)

Please how can i remove this message?, my INTEL card is more than capable or running the game with lights and everything as SC:RM is not very exquisite on the Video Card rendering side after all


same error to me
I use intel i5 11400, so 730uhd graphics.
I asked Blizzard, but there was no answer.
They seem to have abandoned the game.

I’ve found a solution
I installed an old version driver. version.

But i’m not sure it’ll work for you.
The version may not support 12th series. Check that point

Me too. There’s an issue below with game

Old driver version: OK, no warning
Lastest driver version: warning appears

There is currently no team in charge of SC at Blizzard. (Team 1 was dismantled)
I hope D2:R team manages SC:R together, but they are busy with recent D2:R patch 2.4 and first ladder open. Waiting for a new patch for SC:R will likely take months. :disappointed_relieved:

Same error for me, Intel UHD 630 (i7-8700), all drivers are up to date.

Yeah Hi, so short story that i bought Starcraft Remastered 6 months ago and it works really well with Intel HD 520 altough can’t enable the lighting setting but it still good with the HD Graphics, and now im having this issue about “Graphic Drivers out to date”. i check my Intel Graphic Setting it was Up to date version but when i opened the game again it still has the same issue about out to date graphic card, please fix this Blizzard :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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