Hello, I'm a StarCraft 1 fan

Nice to meet you, but I don’t feel very good after a pre-rating reset. Everyone says it was forgotten, but StarCraft 1 was a dream and romance for me.There must be a reason not to do a new map patch.Still, I post it like this because it helps me have a positive influence on my life that will come due to Star1 while enjoying games with the remaining users.
I’d like you to do a ladder map patch.I’m satisfied with the happiness of the star who always comes to me like looking for water in the middle of summer.I’m going to be a little greedy this time.And this map has every reason not to pick it so carefully. Don’t hold back.
And thank you Blizzard for always running the star.I’ll be looking forward to it.


Why do koreans write Starcraft as STAR, i mean in korean ? I see it written koreans sometimes and on streams,etc. they always only write it as Star in Hangul… Just abbreviation ?