Grid Hotkeys Broken

The game does not let me use a grid hotkey layout like Starcraft 2 does. It always unbinds random units and buildings from the other factions when I am manually setting a grid hotkey layout. This makes no sense.

This has been an issue since day 1 of Starcraft remastered being released- how has it not been fixed yet?

Its not so much a matter of a bug or support issue. Its a design choice. There technically isn’t a true grid setup. Keys are assigned to the abilities. Not to the locations on the command card.

And is not random units and buidings. It’s only the set rally point ability conflicting with zergs pneumatized carapace.

THis isnt true, it unbids those who are used by the main entitys…
Like command hotkeys for shared fuctions on different units typs of all three races. It isnt random at all!!
THough the solution to that is either playing only with one/2 races and disregarding the hotkeys of the other races, getting /using a custom keyboard/mouse on which you can customize your hotkeys, using some software that can do something similar, using different keyboards at the same time, etc.

I found this very frustrating and confusing. I don’t understand why the rally keys can’t be the same between the races or why binding an overlord upgrade to the same key as the siege tank would be mutually exclusive. I made a little video of the behavior and you can watch it on youtube by using this video id v=zdnSb_PbVr8

This has kind of a '3 stooges" feel to it. Really bizarre in a modern release to have something like this.

Its simple, you can’t use a grid that has the same key assigned twice, e.g. building a basic structure for Protoss: the Gateway is ‘g’, what if you assigned the Forge also to ‘g’ ? which key is going to be used?

But the main problem comes from trying to change a shared key like Stop ‘s’ to something like ‘t’.

For units like HT, Arbiter, Marine, Firebat, they’ve Storm, Stasis, Stim, all assigned to ‘t’ and ofc the new Stop command ‘t’, the game just won’t work this way.

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Thank you very much for this explanation. Unfortunately this did not resolve my issue.

btw for Set Rally Points ‘R’, you don’t even need to use this key, just select the building then right-click anywhere.

Just wanted to see if we could get any update on this issue. Its been 2 years, but still this game is a remaster and this is extremely basic functionality, to be able to set the hotkeys to the correct keys that you want.

Unfortunately, no. Development of SCR ended a little over two years ago.

what issues?
The points you made make earlier in this thread make no sense…
the rally point hotkey is universal same for all races…
you can use the same hotkey for overlord upgrade and to make siege tank or siege a siege tank …
Is the system super ultra hype ? No, but maybe just share the details of the problem and maybe we can find a solution …