General Discussion Post

Back in my days, when a kid would sign up on a forum, there would be greetings and messages awaiting. Nowadays the forum threads grown so thick nobody knew how to fidget with the encryption. Relay the info just to delay the supply depot like a german pitbull going schizo.
I was once a rookie just to shoot up like a high school bully. What tastes better? Grandma’s cookie or grandma’s pu**y?

They once called me young, now they all after my tongue. You know there’s no replacements so call the store owner because there ain’t no representation without the government. Get old just to grow out of love. Pimpin’ became some habit for the 90’s. In the club when we popped the bottles up, we took the shots like maletovs. I am no rook, but I’m standing right next to the knight.

In hindsight, a burglar fleeing a murder scene just to fit in with another team is how I can explain the clan schemes. Like when clans were recruiting and the lobby hosts would be booting every chimpanzee is the only time I will stay Microsoft. Campaign scenes without the editing only allows you to micro toss like a pair of siege tanks going off for every bishop throwing down their guards. I was just beginning but my hands rinsing the blood like good riddance ain’t no second guessing for a new mission when we just started with the exhibition.

Greedings Changsta, as what do you identify?

Cerebrate, commander, judicator, or something else?