*GameBreaking Glitch* with new patch *FIX BLIZZARD!*

Hello Battle.net, I discovered a new glitch that came just with this new patch recently as I was messing around on Fastest map, and already last night I have had 1 Korean Protoss abuse the glitch vs me.

The Glitch is game breaking only in the early game, basically now after the new patch you are able to keep workers stacked indefinitely forever after they are stacked once, this means you can micro your workers (Yes, while they are stacked now.) non stop. The DPS is very high from the workers and the ability to properly micro stacked workers along with a 2gate Zealot / Bunker rush is completely imbalanced.

I am posting this here to create awareness of the issue / so Blizzard patches it quickly and also posting it on Battle.net, I assume if you abuse this glitch a lot on Ladder you will get your account banned / wiped, I am not going to disclose instructions on how to do the glitch.

Please fix this Blizzard, along with everything else.

EDIT : The worker stack / gas glitch has always been around, but you were never able to keep the workers stacked indefinetly nonstop, with wherever / whatever you click on and then go back to being stacked / attacking, without restacking / reglitching them again.

EDIT 2 : Incase you are wondering how this is “Game Breaking” ,

-Zergs sending stacked drones with an early pool (This is obviously the weakest variance)

  • Protoss sending stacked microable super DPS Probes with 2gate Zealot attack
  • Terran sending stacked microable super DPS SCVS with bunker rush.

The workers remain stacked no matter what you click on and they are able to be microed fully now / it gives the workers more of a fluid movement, they will pass through anything.

EDIT 3 : This also makes the worker a super Scout, as it will pass through anything permanently now as well.


I understand not wanting other people to abuse the glitch but can’t be much help if you don’t explain how it’s done tbh

People @ Blizzard already know how its done.