Game listing bugged, not removed after 1+ month

For weeks now, over a month, my game listing is still appearing. In the mean time, no one can join that game, and I’ve played maybe 100+ games in that time. Sometimes I was the host, other times I joined existing lobbies.

I have no idea why this appears, but often when people see me in a lobby, the inquire about the map I’m supposedly ‘hosting.’ I believe this happens to other people as well, as a few listings have been up for multiple weeks and I am not able to join their games either.

Space between link, since apparently I can’t post links… SS of the issue…: imgur. com/kmdHIHK.png

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Yeah, I’ve been seeing your lobby for weeks now, EUD zerg special forces. Other lobbies too, they’re old and not joinable. Seems server list is bugged, needs a fix.