Game list is Glitching

When you open the list, games are going dark grey as if the host left or the game started, however the game status hasn’t changed. It’s happening to many games at once. Also, not all available games are loading. I have to constantly click refresh until the game shows up, and then hurry and click it before it greys out. This problem has showed up only in the last couple of days. It is very annoying.

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Im glad to see that post, this problem appeared after a patch.
Can we hope a fix asap ? This problem is the most annoying i never got since i played SC… And i saw several bugs

Sad still no reply :frowning:
It’s actually hard to enjoy the game I bought with that issue…

Also having this problem. It is so annoying and ruining the game for my friends and I. It just started happening this week. Please fix! =(

After joining starcraft brood war remastered online multiplayer. I click on join games and the list of current games appear. After about 2 seconds a bunch of the games immediately turn gray and i am unable to click to join them. Upon exiting the game list and reopening it the gray games are simply gone even tho i have friends currently in the lobby of the once active-- now gone game. Ive been playing for months and this problem just started happening. Restarting blizzard app and the computer does not fix it. Please help!

Blizzard any reply ? I paid SC:R to play with