From a boy to a man

**Insert the Broodwar CD into the PC. **
Load that screen and keep it PG.
Slow mode lowkey with subtitles like CC.
Add more supply, count to 10 that’s a CC.

Throw my hood up because all night I’ve been gathering these minerals like a Terran SCV. I get back with a pair of fusion cutters just to tear down the fence, and by fence I meant defense. It breaks my heart to see how Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t reward their fanbase for being loyal for 2 decades. Not even a single penny if there even is any. Would I marry this game? My answer has always been the same. Hell yes and if I had to choose between playing this game and smoking Mary Jane, you best bet I’ll gain weight. Not from the munchies, but from sitting too long while I wait for another 1v1 or UMS to play. Time is only borrowed in this chamber so I evolved it into a capsule for them to remember. This month is December which makes this suitable for Blizzard to come through your system for the Entertainment. Like your crush getting back to you, I felt that kind of jolt to just jump and shoot. I stooped so low just to give this flow another go like eenie miney mo. Some people build Protoss Arbiters to be able to recall. Mine are frozen in a stasis field. So I waited 40 seconds for the passengers to yield. Show me the money, but the operation can’t wait any longer. Call out these cheat codes to that barcode. Tell him, E.T. go home, like the index finger pointing out of its bone. There is no way I am going to sleep. I had a dream that we made a machine to fight the A.I. but no cap. no need to recap the end of the chapter when it was all over after the first disaster. What gives, ya dig. Like the Terran Vulture laying spider mines for the culture. Time hasn’t changed much, but as for us, we sure got older. That’s why I can relate to the old school players. We felt like residents in this house just to get kicked out by the guests. Like I ain’t familiar to a parasite, but when I got a pair of eyes, I get paralyzed by the sight of a pair of dice. So I prepare to die for my final night. Ensnare, right? I wouldn’t dare trying to get greedy with the energy of a Zerg Queen.