Firebat bug (under powered attack)

I dont know if anyone else noticed but the firebat terran unit is supposed to do 16 attack damage. I have read it is somewhat diffferent depending on what you attack but after attacking every possible unit type i have seen the firebat consistently do nothing more than 5 or 6 points worth of attack damage (even against buildings as well as living units). What am I missing? I am completely confused. Does anyone know what is going on with this? Is it a bug or just me?

Full dmg against light units. (lings, lots) That’s what they’re good at.

Different units have different attack types, a majority are normal like marine which will do full damage to everything. Terran have the only 3 units that do concussive damage firebat, ghosts, and vulture. These do %100 vs small %75 vs Medium %50 vs big. The other damage type is explosive, which is the opposite. %100 vs large, etc. You can find damage types on the wiki for more in depth unit to unit damage.

Also mca64 launcher has a very helpful/accurate damage calculator, it worth having it even if you don’t play v1.16 at all. :100:

wait what? there is a plugin for damage calculation? never seen that?, is it an overlay inside the game?, or you need to see an export after the game, interesting never seen it. Damn why cant they make version 1.17.

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But no, its not as plugin in mca64, its a feature under the “Misc.” tab of the launcher.