Failed to connect to Classic Server (Error 3: 10

Recently, when I log in to SC: R, I often encounter this problem. Many Korean hosts also encounter this situation. I see that the number of online servers in Korea is also declining. Don’t you have any solutions?
· I often cannot see the map after creating a room in LAN and server
· I ca n’t see the opponent ’s race and map in the ladder
These problems have been encountered in the last two months
Forgive my poor English, I used Google Translate


Hi hostor of Blizzard,
why don’t one answer the above question in nice manner yet?
it seems your company does not care much about customers who still use your old version program which is not much profitable for the company.
this is not nice!
Just think who made, “Blizzard” .


I have exactly this error.
I restarted the wifi, restarted computer, even reinstalled battlenet and broodwar: still the same error.
Can anyone help???

Magically it went away the next day…