Error load Starcraft

Starcraft does not load, there is an error, I already tried to reinstall and repair and nothing

Hey there,

Errors like this indicate you are not able to properly sync data to/from the cloud, the following should help you here.

Try doing a power cycle on your system. Turn off all devices including the modem. Wait 60 seconds, turn on the modem, wait 5 minutes, turn on any network devices, wait 2 minutes, turn on your computer and try the game.

Sometimes firewall or routing software/hardware will have some advanced settings to prioritize and manage types of network traffic. Normally that is not an issue but we have seen situations where it can interfere with the delivery of the data for our games/voice chat.

Let’s try turning off these features:

RoG (ASUS Routers Only)
Security firewalls (Some ISP provided modems)

Not all devices will have these options and the steps for turning these functions off will be different depending on the make/model/software version of the devices and programs involved. If necessary look at the documentation for your security and routing products to find out how to turn these options off.

Onedrive can interfere with and corrupt the settings data for Starcraft. This can happen if Onedrive is set to manage the folder where the settings variable resides in your Documents folder for Windows.

  1. Open Onedrive (re-enable if you disabled it)
  2. Go into settings and deselect the Starcraft/Starcraft II Folders under documents so that Onedrive does not try to manage them.
  3. Exit/close/disable Onedrive
  4. Open the documents folder for your user in File Explorer(Right click Windows start, choose File Explorer)
  5. Delete the CSettings.json under Starcraft (Or Variables.txt under Starcraft II)
  6. Empty the recycle bin and retest the game.

Try running your system in selective startup mode:

Create a new administrator account: Blizzard Support - Creating a New Administrator Account

Once the account is created, shut down the computer, wait 60 seconds, restart, log into the new profile and try the app/client.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, then I recommend submitting a ticket with an msinfo attached for further investigation. (instructions for collecting that msinfo report will be on the form.)

Click your name at the top right of this page, click support, click contact support.

Hey perhack,

Microsoft OneDrive active? If it is, it’s not compatable with Starcraft Remastered.

If you are using it, see this article to learn how to unsync your “Starcaft” folder (which is inside your “Documents” folder).

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