Error and cant load game

I keep getting this ERROR code. I havent been able to play at all. I would appreciate your help.


My porfile is gone wtf is happening?>

I’m having the same issue. Error when trying to launch

Same problem here.

Hey all,

Microsoft OneDrive active? If it is, it’s not compatable with Starcraft Remastered.

If you are using it, see this article to learn how to unsync your “Starcaft” folder (which is inside your “Documents” folder).

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Thanks, it works now, although I had to disconnect the whole thing, for some reason it didn’t let me uncheck the Starcraft folder alone. :slight_smile:

Yeah, based off feedback, it seems that what OneDrive will allow people to unsync varies from person to person.

For you, it didn’t allow the SC2 folder, but strangely for others that it will only allow the Starcraft II folder. For others, it won’t allow unsyncing of the Documents folder.

Hello I did what you said i even deleted the onedrive application and now it is giving me this error


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