Enabling 64-bit

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Hey all –

With the release of Patch 1.23.0, we hit a significant future-proofing milestone for StarCraft which was the distribution of a 64bit binary.

We plan to roll this out in phases, with this phase being an opt-in. If you are interested in helping test 64bit or if you’re running the latest macOS beta, please give it a go!

Steps to enable 64-bit:

  1. Open Blizzard App
  2. At the top left click the down arrow to the right of the Blizzard logo.
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click on Game Settings
  5. Unclick "Launch 32-bit Client (instead of 64-bit)


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Congratulations on accomplishing this !!! keep up the good work. Now we have Remastered for even more years to come. Thanks for that.


technically, it will not make the game last longer but, it might improve stability. microsoft is not going to remove 32 bit support after all. they must however understand that memory leaks should be sealed or else, even a 64 bit executable will use up all available memory. it does however mean that they can add graphics that requires more memory which is a plus. i personally always use 64 bit executables when i can.


Modifying such an ancient game to be 64-bit sounds like a huge undertaking. It would make a really cool editorial piece if you were able to write about how you approached it, the challenges faced, any types of major rewrites etc. Not everyone may like but it seems like such an interesting topic, would love to hear more.


Thinking something along those lines. I hope it will not break on Linux, perhaps I should try joining the beta test opt-in and see what changes are to be made and make the community know to keep all Blizzard games running once the Blizzard App is 64bit only.

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64-bit is now the default. Windows users can enable 32-bit via the following steps:

  1. Open Blizzard App
  2. At the top left click the down arrow to the right of the Blizzard logo.
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click on Game Settings


This is fantastic! Well done and thank you all for making this happen!!


hum starcraft forever…


What is the befefits to run SC in 64-bit mode?


Absolutely nothing in particular or meaningful regarding gameplay or stability, is a matter of longevity most of all, 32 processor might get deprecated in the next few years, and more importantly (As some people claim), OS`s will stop having 86x architecture and concentrate on 64x instead, meaning “theoretically” they could be more efficient in that matter, particularly at Kernel level.

Is just something to be happy about considering we will have SC:RM for a lot of years to come.


MacOS has Deprecated 32-Bit in Mojave. Catalina, (supposedly), “Requires” 64-Bit.

Windows, (as The100YOU states), may also Deprecate 32-Bit in the next few years. So, this is for the longevity of SC:R.