Download settings Then Download failed at launch

Download settings then Download failed at launch of brood war remastered… I had this issue before and it resolved on its own, but now its back… Any idea why this keeps happening?

Since this happened again the game is very Laggy in lobby… If I click a person’s profiles, or my own profile in game lobby the game lags terribly and crashes or asks to wait for response… I have seen other posts below with same issues that seem to have either resolved or locked… Any help would be appreciated.


So far i think it is internet connection related, howgood is your internet?
You use wifi or lan ? etc.

My internet is very good. I am hard wired in with good latency / speed results etc.

I found the solutions>

I did a bunch of updates on my PC last night so I am not sure if this was the fix, or by setting the game to high priority as shown in the video did it. However, I am not getting Download settings Then Download failed at launch anymore and now all profiles load etc. Everything seems to be working now and game isn’t lagging when viewing profiles or going through lobbies.

Blizzard did you make any changes possibly account based that may have resolved this issue for now?

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