Did the new patch today break map vetos?

2 out of my past 3 games have been on maps I have vetoed, and prior to this patch I never got a map I had vetoed, I know that vetoing doesn’t remove the possibility, they just come far less often, but this is ridiculous. No one plays on Hitchhiker, I find it odd I would get that map at all. I did double check and my vetos are there, it’s just ignoring them.

Yes, it has. Sorry about that. We’re getting that fixed.


Awesome! Thank you Grant!

We just released a fix (build 8310). Thanks for the report.


Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi there,

We’re a lot of people playing Special Forces Elite 0.6v, an EUD map, and since the latest patch we can’t make use anymore of the Q, W, E keys when it comes to casting spells. Could you please take a look at it?

Here’s the link to the map:


The post belongs to the map creator.

Thank you!

Oh, damn, you fixed it so fast! You’re really, really awesome! :smiley:
I hope your boss gives you and the entire StarCraft team a raise! :smiley:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Have a nice day to all of you! :smiley: